Posted by: Mayu | March 15, 2010

2nd Spring Contest: Poll

Ok, it’s time for me to announce the official 2nd Spring Contest Poll now!! 😀

You can choose between these beautiful patterns:

So what is your favourite shirt?

Just one vote per person is allowed (well you can try to vote more, but my poll is set up to block on cookies and IP adress)! Oh and I’ve put all patterns anonymously at first, but of course I’ll reveal all the names after that week of voting 😉 .

Click on the “Read more” to see all those entries in pattern, worn, shirt and umbrella view! 😀

Thanks for your vote ^^. The poll automatically ends after 1 week 🙂

No. Pattern Look Shirt Umbrella

CLICK on the pattern pics to get the grid version of it ^^

(to see the content of my 2nd spring contest : CLICK HERE)

To see the results: Click here



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  2. is the poll like the votes

    • yes ^^

  3. 17 people???? wow!!! i know just like five pictures to edit is a pain, but 17??? wow. wish ya luck mayu, just finish them as you have time.

  4. Good luck everybody!

  5. To Linkboy!!!
    It’s your last chance this afternoon to give me yours and Tiki’s spring pattern!! Please open asap, I’ll look for your gates from 3PM on my time!

    • well maybe next time then………

      • and besides…. it wouldnt fit good on a shirt……. mine is best as a wallpaper or floor…..

      • I’m sorry about that Acke and Tickan 😦

  6. Will the poll be up this evening? 😀

    • Yes I think I’ll put it up around 8PM ^^

      • Ok ^^

  7. Yay! First Voter! 🙂

  8. im seacond!!!! i was gonna vote about 5 mins ago

  9. All are sooooo good!

  10. can i tell what i pick

    • You’re not allowed. Thats the whole point..

      • oh… 😐

  11. Ohh, um, Mayu, I don’t mean to be a tattletale, but number 16 looks like a copy of one of Katrina’s designs, only with different colours. Like, EXACTLY. 👿

    • Ummm I’ve found also this shirt, and the upper part I must admit looks inspired by that, but still it’s different for me as the lower part of the dress is totally different. I would still say it’s selfdesigned, please let the person give the chance to take part in it 😉
      And this one is prettier than Katrina’s one in my opinion xD

  12. Go Easter Egg Shirt !
    WOOOOO !


  13. Whoohoa theyre all awesome! Great job everyone! :mrgreen:
    Now, which one to pick….

  14. haha that 1 pic looks like the char is sleeping imma gunna vote now 😐

  15. Jeez! I just cannot choose! They are all so pretty!!!!!

    Some things in life are impossible


  16. Go no.3

  17. Number three sure is popular…Aww..:(

    • It sure is, but it definitely deserves it, it’s gorgeous!

  18. This is like the “Everyone Votes ” channel in the Wii! 😯 😀

    • It is?? xDD nice! tee hee

      • except there are only two votes in that application… crud! there should be more.

  19. Ah, I was too busy to enter in the end >_<
    All those people's entries are so nice and colourful! It's hard to pick a favourite one o_o

  20. Ich find Design 3 am tollsten 😀

  21. wie lang geht die abstimmung denn eigentlich??^^
    weil ich bin nächste woche mit der schule in berlin und wär ja doof wenn ich das dann nich mitbekomemn würde oda so^^ 😀


    • Die geht bis morgen ^^. Keine Sorge, wenn du zu den ersten drei gehören solltest (sieht ja noch so aus 😀 ), können wir uns jederzeit danach noch treffen, ich hab keine Abholfrist 😉

  22. lol no. 4 looks like a racing shirt 😛

    • haha! your rite! 😆 i was about to look up on no. 3 when i did what you said! 😳 …

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  24. Aww I loved #1!

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