Master Item List

Furniture Part 1
Exotic, Ranch, Classic, Regal, Blue, Cabana, Green, Cabin, Modern, Kiddie

Furniture Part 2
Lovely, Robo, Snowman, Mush, Western, Space, Construction, Oil drum, Boxing, Backyard

Furniture Part 3
Nursery, Mad Scientist, Pirate, Black Chess, White Chess, Classroom, Hospital, Study, Office, Cafe, Dharma

Furniture Part 4
Citrus, Pear, Watermelon, Apple, Froggy, Pine, Tulip, Iris, Daffodil, Drum, String, Guitar, Musical Instruments, Trash Bin, Ancient, Sports, Arcade Game, World Items, Camping Gear, Pine Bonsai, Bonsai, Houseplant

Furniture Part 5
Color TVs, Household, Beach, Winter, Arranged Flower, Toilet, Storage, Large Appliances, Stereo Systems, Assorted Clocks, Chairs, Miscellaneous

Furniture Part 6
Lights and Lamps, Special Items, Town Models, Trophies, Other Beds, Paintings



Clothing Part 1

Clothing Part 2






Fish list

Bug list

K.K. Songs


Flowers and Weeds

Fruits, Trees and Acorns

Sea Shells, Turnips and Misc. Items

Secret Nintendo Items



  1. Hallo Mayu.
    Ich glaube, du hast irgendwas durcheinander gebracht. Bei der Juli-Info steht, dass der Skorpion um 7PM-4AM kommt. Aber bei der Master Item List steht unter der Insektenliste, dass der Skorpion um 7pm-4pm kommt. Ich wollte jetzt wissen, was davon stimmt. Kannst du mir bitte auch noch einen Tipp geben. Bei mir kommt in der Nacht immer nur eine Tarantel und kein Skorpion. Kann ich da was machen, dass einer kommt?

    • Ups danke für den Hinweis, der kommt nur nachts also von 7PM-4AM 😉
      Hmm Skorpione und Tarantel sind beide sehr selten zu sehen, ich hab mir immer Kopfhörer aufgesetzt damit ich sie wenigstens besser hören kann (dieses Kratzgeräusch, wenn die laufen, kann man dadurch besser hören und sie auch besser orten) meistens habe ich die Tarantel mitten in der Ortschaft gefunden während ich die Skorpione eher am Strand gesehen habe 😉
      Ist wohl reiner Zufall wann und wo sie kommen…

      • danke. ich hoffe ich bekomme bald einen skorpion. manchmal hab ich sie auch am rathaus gesehen, aber es ist wohl wirklich nur zufall.

        • ich hatte mal vor meinen augen eine tarantel und den besten stehplatz hatte ich auch, ich hätte sie wahrscheinlich auch gefangen wenn dieser &*&$&W$@!@#$ fluss nicht daneben gewesen wäre , wo die tarantel dann später reingefallen ist 😥
          den verfehlten fang vom skorpion will ich garnicht erst erzählen hahaha XD

          • Argh wie ärgerlich!! xP 😆

  2. Hi Mayu I need some Lovely items, my main room is Lovely and I don’t have them all but I 4got which ones I have and don’t have. I need to check. Maybe when we finally meet you can look in my Lovely room and you could order the rest of the series for me? Thanks! Love, Kerri.

    • That would be no problem Kerri I could order them for you ^^. The only problem is that I don’t know when I’ve got time to play again 😦

  3. Hey Mayu, do you think you could make a category for all the things that cant be ordered?? That would be very handy if you did. I dont mind if you dont but it would be nice 🙂

    Lots of love, Frosty

    • That’s a good idea, Frosty, thanks for it ^^ Let’s see when I have time to do that xP

      • Hey I want to add you,, Can U add me??

        here’s my info:

        Code:: 4040-0289-9568
        name:: Princess
        town:: Royalty

        Please please add me

        • Hi Princess, sure I’ll try to find a place in Miki’s roster for you ^^
          My info is: Miki, Mitsukyo, 2922-0581-5572
          Nice to meet you 🙂

  4. Could you please give me some tips on catching the tarantula/scorpion. Thanks 🙂

  5. hallo mayu.
    hast du da was bei der ersten möbelseite vertauscht? denn da sind nämlich zwei schach-tische. ist da eins nicht das schach-tischchen oder so?

    • Also ich hab jetzt extra nochmal nachgeschaut, aber da gibt es wirklich nur 2 ‘Schachtisch’ und kein -tischchen 😉
      Ich hatte mich früher auch darüber gewundert 😆

  6. Hi Mayu!
    Do you know peanut? the squirrl from animal crossing is there anyway you can make a pattern of her please?

    • or bluebear from ACWW or maybe a hawaii flag any of those will be awesome to have in my designs!

  7. do u know bunnie from animal crossing if u dont meet her shes sooo cool oh and lily meet them and and there soo nice and cool u should meet them and maybe a pattern. type me BACK KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :>

    • Bunnie is one of the cutest animal in ACWW, she’s adorable ^^. I’ll try to make a pattern of her

  8. mayu! mayu! the true blue shirt glows…wow… i need a new hobby…
    tee hee

    • Pardon? xD What do you mean with it? 🙂

  9. well u know… i probably have better things to do than stare at virtual shirts. i wont be on as much cause school is tom. *sob* 😦

  10. ps im still chet98 which i am sure you knew already…

  11. mayu, is the pearl oyster rare?? because i found one on the beach when i restarted…

    • Compared to the other shells it’s kinda rare, yes! 🙂 And the most valuable of them, too. Well 1000 bells if I remember right 😉

  12. lol i was testing if i could change my icon lol

  13. Hello Mayu.At Wallpapers is a mistake,i think.
    Instead of the picture of the groovy wallpaper there is the picture of the green wallpaper. 😀

    • You’re right! THANKS SO MUCH for this!! I’ll change it!

      • Your welcome 🙂

  14. When Gracie gives u an un-rare shirt, does it fall into the season catergory?

  15. hi mayu i wanna visit your town!!!!!!! my fc is…

    NAME: Juleane

    Town: Toronto

    FC: 142008329588

    i cant wait to visit your town soon!

  16. go to for my blog on acww

  17. Hi, i know not many people read these comments anymore but if you do evr read this then please comment back….

    I was wondering how many objects there are that you can get from Gulliver because i have had him twice now but only recieved two different objects, what are all the objects you can get?

    Thanks xox YASMINE 🙂

  18. Hello , I just have to catch the hercules beetle to get the golden net, but I’ve never seen it on palm trees 😦
    Any tips on how to catch it?

  19. Mayu what is your favorite room theme

    • I don’t know Mayu’s but mines is fruity furniture what is urs? LOL

      • mines is ranch i think Mayu’s is modern when she came to ma town

      • hey

        • sis!?! have u borrowed ma phone

  20. hey I was wondering could you show us your town it would be soo cool and such an inspiration as my town is really bad and needs some work major work!!

  21. Hello Mayo is it sorry i hace just found this and my friends talk about you ALOT !!!! anyway im one of them people who cant not draw ( i even cant draw a cow) can you put a step by step path design and a grass design please i want my town to look better i hope you read this


    Xbox Account Name if you want to find it

  22. Hi there, You’ve done an incredible job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends.

    I am confident they’ll be benefited from this site.

  23. […] Master Item List – My ACWW photo diary | … – Hallo Mayu. Ich glaube, du hast irgendwas durcheinander gebracht. Bei der Juli-Info steht, dass der Skorpion um 7PM-4AM kommt. Aber bei der Master Item List steht …… […]

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