Posted by: Mayu | March 16, 2010

Relaxing with Meow and Nicola

Nothing much to tell. In the last few days I was very busy at home but also on my blog to prepare the contest, that I barely was able to play at all with you, I’m sorry for that ^^; .

I still have one random picture to show you:

It’s that from Samia, who I visited last saturday, but just for a couple of minutes, then I already had to go again. Sorry Samia, I hope we can meet up soon again 😉

Other than that I’ve opened my gates in the evening for my adult friends again and I enjoyed playing with:

Meow in worker’s shirt. oO She said she was forced to work for Nooks again xP (no, she wasn’t restarting 😉 )

And also Nicola found the way to my town, hooray!

Wow, a total different look today, it’s lovely! 😀

After we visited all neighbours Meow and I tried to catch some good fish. Meow was really lucky, she has caught a tuna, red snapper and barred knifejaw but also a lot of seabasses, what else xP.

Tee hee, her whacking net flag suits her perfectly 😆

Soon I was busy again and had to go after 1 hour of fun. Hope to see you all soon againg! 😀



  1. Teehee, are you wearing one of the patterns entered in the spring fashion contest Mayu? It looks like the, ummm, chick one^^

    • lol yes, I still had that in Yuki’s pattern page, when I made a shirt and umbrella picture of it xP. Meow loved it! ^^ And it’s really cute x3

  2. a mayu,in the second to last pic, were u mad at meow? 😆 yuki looks so angry!!! jealous of meows good luck???jk 😀

    • tee hee, yes, could be!! xP

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