About Me

February 4th, 2008
Thank you for visiting my blog.
I started to play ACWW in September 2006 and from that on I play it every day. I never thought that a game would be so addicting to me, never played such a game  this long and that daily, so you can call me crazy or not, but I still love this game! 😉

Some details about me:
nickname: Mayu, Yuki, Haru, Miki (depends on the characters name)
gender: female
age: 39, yes I’m an adult 😛
status: married, two children
living in: Germany

Since April 2007 I started to play ACWW over Wifi and I met many nice people there. Then I began to write little reports and to take photos about the visits . As I was registered on three different boards I started to begin three different diaries. Now I’ve decided to put them together on this blog. So have fun here and I hope to see you again. 🙂 Ah, btw, I’m German (and half Japanese but native language is German) and I know that I’m not perfect in English, so please be nice to me. ^^

April, 2008: I brought my old diaries into this blog, too. So please enjoy my old diary entries of the German board (“my old German diary”) and of my English board (“my UK board diary”). Thanks a lot. I’ll leave this page open for general comments, so please leave a message behind, thank you. ^^



  1. I know, I know, I’m late to the party, as usual!

  2. I love your blog! Miss you!

  3. are people still playing acww, i missed meeting upwith everyone 😦 really had some amazing memories, just wish everyone was back online on acww 😦 if anyone does please! please contact me! 😦

  4. Ryan,as soon as I find my game or buy a new one I’ll let you know,okay?And yes I promise I will.You’re welcome!;)

  5. very useful blog! thanks for making this ^_^

  6. I feel kinda like a graverobber now, even though there are no signs of her being dead..

  7. ^ Atleast im not the onlyonewho comes here to check back… I miss Mayu.

  8. it’s 2015 and i still miss you..

  9. I love this blog always have and always will </3 I miss you Mayu, you even though I never met you in ACWW or back in the day. byye.

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