Posted by: Mayu | March 23, 2010

2nd Spring contest: result!!

The poll is over!!

Now I can announce the winners, woooot! 😀

But first to the poll result:

(Click pic to see it enlarged)

THANKS to all who voted for their favourite pattern, there were 96 votes in total 😀

And now to the winners and the names of the participants:

3rd winner: Jasmine
with her
Cute Fat Chick Dress

2nd winner: Thea
with her
Victorian Flower Dress

and finally

1st winner: Bubbi
with her
White Pink Flowery Dress


Please tell me when I can bring your prizes. To Thea and Jasmine, I know you can’t play over Wifi, so may I ask you if I can give the prizes to the 4th and 5th winner? That would be Karin for 2nd prize and Jaimee for 3rd prize ^^

All in all these were the participants:

1 – Aayog
2 – Ace
3 – Bubbi
4 – Elo
5 – Fiona
6 – Jaimee
7 – Jasmine
8 – Karin
9 – kesha
10 – ♥Livs♥
11 – Maggie
12 – Meow
13 – Paige
14 – Samia
15 – Sean
16 – Thea

Thanks again for the great fun, this time I really enjoyed it, it was the first without any problems or arguing, tee hee, I appreciate it a lot! 😀

To see the 2nd spring poll: Click here



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  2. congratulations! 🙂

  3. I don’t play on ACWW anymore so that’s ok to give mine away, but Jasmine does so would you mind holding her prize back for her, just incase in the future? I know she’d want them if we ever got WiFi again.

    • Sure, that’s no problem at all Thea 😀
      I hope I can meet her up soon again ;). Her hybrids are saved in my cupboard meanwhile 😉

      • It may not ever happen but it would be nice if we got WiFi again 😀

  4. congrats to the winners, and good job everyone who entered!!!!!! Well, i guess i didnt win, but there’s a whole year to practice!!!!!!!

  5. i had a great time entering mayu thanks 🙂

  6. woohoo!!!!!!!!!! lets do this again another time!

    • That… was me ^

  7. UUGH

  8. Congratz everyone :3

    • for what

      • What do you mean, for what? For creating a great pattern- Duh.

        • XD

  9. ohh yayyy =D
    mayu can u possibly wifi during weekends??? if u cnt maybe ill try to drop by on the tuesdays/thursdays to pick the prizes up. 🙂

    • If we can’t meet up this weekend (I’ll try though) I’ll definitely open my gates on next tuesday 9AM my time! 😀
      CONGRATLUTIONS again ^^

  10. Yay ! Go everyone !
    I love number 11 so much ! :L

    Btw, did Herti enter, she’s got really awesome designs !

    • thanks!! i did no. 11

      • Omg serious !
        Thats such a pretty design !

    • Um I wrote all people on this post who took part on this contest ^^. And no, Herti didn’t enter I think she was too busy…

  11. When are you planning to have another contestt? Cuse thatl be great fun

    • I don’t know Linkboy ^^; . Right at the moment I’m too busy to held another one. So maybe I could think of a summer event, but I still don’t know if I would have enough participants for that 😉

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