Posted by: Mayu | September 25, 2010

A stalker in Ohio, lol!

This evening I saw Ohio open, the town of Jaimee! 😀

Jaimee at the very left, then Andre and then it’s me combined with another friend called Demonic_. He loved to stalk us and to stand on the same place, maybe just to read our minds 😛 😆

Now he caught Jaimee xP, tee hee!

I tried to sleep in Jaimee’s bed, but the naughty parrot was blabbering a lot and I couldn’t fell asleep at all.

So I decided to watch TV together with Andre 🙂

Jaimee and I visited Kabuki, the cat with the traditional Japanese theater make-up. I think Kabuki is really cool ^^
(Here you can see how it looks on an ancient print:

(source: Wikipedia)

Ohio is a very pretty town, you can find on several places loads of beautiful flowers 😀

Oh no! Jaimee is trapped! Demonic_ put some stones in front of her and she couldn’t get out xP. Of course he deleted them after a while 😉

Later on we went to my town and here we are in my ‘yellow’ room.

Woohoo, I love froggies umbrellas! 😀

Rory joined us! YAAAAY! She’s my sweet lil’ ‘caracol’ 😛 🙂

Haha, waterman Andre is just changing clothes on this pic ^^.

Awww, the big grin of ACWW boys is always adorable! 😆

I had a Wifi crash and when I opened my gates again, Lynette dropped by, hello! 😀 Unfortunately it crashed another time, but I had no time left to play anyway, so it was ok for me.

THANKS for the fun, folks!! 😀



  1. Ohio ist wirklich eine tolle Stadt! :DD Wie von Kapp’n xD

  2. Oh I Had a Fun Time. I Hope 2 See You Again 🙂

  3. lol XD

  4. Teehee 🙂

  5. wth is ur problem

  6. lolz rory hey mayu good nnews and bad news!bad news,i lost my acww and good news i got accf!!!YYAY!

    • Slade? My name is Aang… If you recognize me then I have the right person lol.

  7. Hello Mayu.Do you have an idea for a shopname with 8 letters ?(i play style boutique and acww)

    • Maybe japanese 🙂

    • Haha how about UNIQLO? It’s a very famous and trendy boutique from Japan ^^

      • Hi, my name is Aang, I think I might of known of Lynette before I deleted my Town… I’m trying to find contact with my old friends, if it’s not so much of a bother, could you please ask Lynette if she knew anyone named Kitty? You don’t have to though… Well, that’s all for now, if you find anything, then please Contact me at ‘’. Thank You.

  8. lol!Silly!:p

  9. heehee, gigle

  10. Hi, it’s jodie.

  11. Lol still play animal crossing if your smart u will know who this ip adress is from.

  12. Continuuuue please! Go on, go on !!

  13. Miss you Mayu, though its been like 3 years haha sitll play AC:WW when I can =)

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