Posted by: Mayu | November 3, 2010

Long time no see, dear friends ^^’

First of all: HII! I’m glad to be back on my blog again! October was the busiest month so far, I went to Thailand for a trip and I had to prepare a lot for it. Then I enjoyed my 10-days-stay there and when I came back to Germany I still had a lot to do, so I couldn’t come at all to my blog…
I hope you’re all doing well :D
Thanks so much for all your comments, I have to work on them in the next days and I also have to check my ACWW town…
I’m scared, I haven’t visited it for over 1 month now 8O .
EEEK! I don’t want to know what all has happened to my town, I think most of my hybrids are gone now and weeds should be all over the town, but at least my favourite neighbours Vesta and Baabara should be still there, as I still have them locked in, muahahaha! :twisted:
I’ll post about it once I have the guts to start my ACWW again lol!

So all in all I have to say two new things about my blog:

1. I won’t do any design requests in future, I’m sorry but as you can see I couldn’t find any time in the last months to do them for you, I feel really bad about it, but life is getting busier and busier for me and I’m happy when I can visit my blog at least once a week. :(
But I have to give a big thank you to Sorcha, who helped me a lot by doing all these design requests and she’s soooo good in making them, I can assure you! :D
Please visit her blog CandSACWWblog, you’ll find a lot of info there and also all the patterns she made ^^
You can also do pattern requests there! :D

2. My Wifi playing time has been also reduced a lot! :( I hardly play ACWW now at the moment, my town has been neglected for over 1 month and right now I’m a little scared to go back to it! >.< But this might change soon again, I have the feeling that ACWW is still fun, so please bear with me, I might be back to Wifi playing in 1 or 2 weeks, but then I can also play just 1~2times a week in my morning, my evenings are planed with other stuff at the moment…

Ok but back to Thailand, I want to give you at least a short report about it. I enjoyed my trip very much, I saw a lot of new things and it's always interesting to see such a different country and climate compared to Germany.
The weather was: hot and humid! Baaah, when you stay in house all is cool and almost freezy due to the air conditioners, but once you get out you think that you walk against a wall. A wall of hot humid air is blowing against you and the sun is burning you down, you're sweating like hell. I swear, I haven't been changing my T-shirts that much as in Thailand xD.

Some pics of Thailand, near Bangkok:

This is the Wat Arun, a temple in Bangkok and you were able to climb two very steep stairs to get on the viewing platform. There you had a very nice overview of Bangkok :)

At the other side of the river Chao Praya we also visited the temple Wat Pho:

Those so called ‘Chedi’-s were really impressive, all were covered with colourful mosaics and there were even bigger ones!

Inside of the main temple there you can see the ‘The Reclining Buddha’, I was impressed by the size of it! :o
This Wikipedia-pic is better to see the full size of it:

look at the small door on the left lol! :lol:

A trip to Patthaya into the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden was also very nice, there we were able to see a show about all the traditional things of Thailand’s culture and a funny elephant show.

Some cute dancers of this show are shown on this pic ^^

Fruits were very yummy in Thailand and I also found this famous fruit there:

Durians! They’re well known for their ‘unique odour’, well you can also say they stink a lot! LOL! You weren’t also allowed to bring them into hotels so you can imagine that the smell was really ‘unique’ xP. At the right of the pic you can see the already prepared Durians for eating and I gave it a try…

Ugh! You eat the white flesh of it, the brown one is the seed. It’s soft and not that sweet as I expected, I couldn’t say that it tastes good but also not that it tastes very bad lol. But my favourite wasn’t it for sure :P .

The power poles in Bangkok were extremely chaotic :lol: :

In Germany this would be prohibited for sure! lol But in Thailand it must be ok for them and it also looks like it’s working fine, but in my opinion it still looks sooo dangerous, haha!

Well I don’t want to bore you with all my holiday pictures, so I think it’s enough to give you a little insight of what I’ve done in October ^^
Thanks for reading and visiting my blog so far, I really appreciate this! :D

See you soon again!

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  1. hey it’s me yenburger/meli remember me?

    i play acww, we should wifi.

  2. Has anyone ever heard from Mayu? I hope she is OK. Miss her so much! She was my best ACWW bud. It’s def not the same without her.

  3. Wow, it’s been 2 years :/ Anyone still is active on there blog? Please let me know. :)

  4. Why wont you come back to us Mayu! This blog is amazing! :(

  5. Mayuu where are youu?

  6. Mayu, i dont mind if you dont come back. I mean yea sure it would be awesome, but i know you are a adult and kinda have a life. I just want you to know, that i will always be a fan of your blog. Good luck in life :)

  7. MAYU!!! I miss you! I haven’t talked to you in a while!!!!!!!
    My town still isn’t open :( Our WIFI went wack and I can’t get my DSi to connect to it :(

  8. Yeeaahhh! MAAAAAYUUUUU! Wo bist du nur?! Was ist geschehen?! Wenigstens ein kleines Lebenszeichen! -_-

  9. Mayuuuu I never actually got a chance to get to know you but your blog inspired mine and a ton of others, even if you don’t come back I just hope everything is great and you are happy. Who knows, maybe you’ve even bough a 3DS and are playing New Leaf, hahaha :)

  10. Are you good at making plans? Will you make a schedule for a week, a month, a quarter or even a year? If your plan is disturbed, what will you do? Will you follow suit or be pushed by time?

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  11. Hey Mayu, why are you moderating the comments now?

  12. Hello Mayu! Umm…my giant comment is still under moderation? xD

  13. mine too -.-“” lol

  14. I guess it’s still under moderation until Mayu has the time to get around to replying to it?

  15. Yuuupp

  16. Ohright. Maybe it’s because of the links in it?

    Mayuuuu! I haven’t seen you in so long! I haven’t actually visted your blog in a while so I didn’t know you were gone anyway!

    But moving on…

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to thailand! I’ve only ever been overseas once to Japan when I was 8. We would be going somewhere this year (I am 12 now) but our house is being renovated and should be finished by february next year. So in 2011 my family and I are planning on going on a big skiing and sightseeing trip to the states! I can’t wait.

    Another thing that I can’t wait for next year is that I’m FINALLY going to high school! OMG I’m sooo psyched! It’ll be awesome because I’ll have to catch the bus into the city and I’ll meet sooo many new friends (only me and another girl are going from our school, and there’s about 85 kids in the grade).

    Well I’ve kinda well-and-truly quit ACWW now Right now I’m hooked on MapleStory and Super Mario 64. I might make a blog on the latter because it won’t be something I’ll have to update daily o.o

    Something else that I’m REALLY into right now is drawing! I’m getting really good now! You can check out my drawings at I can’t wait for the day when I can do really professional drawings xD One thing I want to do when I’m older is write a graphic novel…I’m not too good at story writing (with descriptions and stuff) so a graphic novel would be awesome because it’s basically a comic.

    Anyway, I hope you eventually getting around to reading this! I really miss you Mayu…:(

  17. Wow, Tilly you have improved! I love your drawings, just wondering are you on youtube? If so could I add you or something? ^^

  18. Sadly, no, I’m not on YouTube anymore. I used to but now I quit ACWW and the fact that YouTube eats up too much of our internet, I can’t be bothered.

    I may come back soon though (probably early next year when we move back into our house, currently going under renovation) with an account where I will show all the hints and secrets to Super Mario 64 DS…lol :D

  19. Lol, awhh. I am, quite alot actually, only joined awhile back so not much subscribers yet! ^^

  20. I miiight start filming this afternoon if I can’t find something to do :D

  21. Lol that’d be awesome! Youtube is pretty good for displaying your drawings also, so you should put some up ^^

  22. Eh DeviantArt is better :D

    BUT, that is a good idea ;)

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