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Comment chat Hi folks, as some people like to talk on my blog and can’t use the chatrooms, because their computers are too slow for that, I decided to make a page extra for you 😉

So that’s just a spam area, when you want to leave me a comment where I should answer you, PLEASE DON’T use this page, as it’s hard to find that comment again for the blog readers.

Ok, enough said, but also behave on this page, I’ll still check all the comments here 😉



  1. This article is amazing as it helps me to get the sort of information was needed by me. I am thankful to get your article when was searching video chat

  2. Hey Mayu! Your articles are amazing! I learned so much from them! Thanks a bunch!

    • fgfdg

    • ur nasty and a bitch

    • that james dude said u took all your clthoes off for 5 bux

  3. May I have your friend code? And how do you get WFC? My router has Internet, but Acww’ WFC doesn’t work…help!(: -Elaine

  4. Wow! People Still Go on ACWW! I thought I was the only one!

  5. Mayu!!!! I luff Your Vids!!!

  6. Happy New years People! Anyway, I need help ASAP … For ma friend code – What is a WEP Key and the thing above it?
    Anyway If I do get my Wi-Fi Working my first guest(s) will receive Belles, If the person has helped me alot to receive a perfect town (still on progress) or help with the wi-fi 15.000 If I get Wi-Fi I will be Hosting a “first Time On Wi-Fi” Party with crazy games prizes, and costumes, Oh and Another thing, I am Trying to expand to get a upstairs in my little acww home and need 95.000 belles more. I am Creating a Clothes Shop from Regular Ables Clothes, Pattern Requests, Designer Clothes To Bikini’s! A.K.A *When I Get My Wi-Fi* Person to help me most will get 2 free patterns and whatever else they want! (and if you need any fruit – Coconut Peaches Cherries) You can have ’em So….. Get Helping! Whooooo Happy New Years! P.S am i the only one that didn’t recieve 10.000 belles from Mom On New Years and only a cake for ma Acww Birthday? O.o

  7. Like alle of it!

  8. tay itll b a while im watchin a movie

  9. tay u on its alexia

  10. really helpful wish i was this good fantastic job well done

  11. Lol thank you so much for making this! So helpful and not full of false facts. Er, “facts”. I speak German too lol so that was a bonus. I will be returning! Stay awesome!

  12. Mayu’s Blog is soo cool! 🙂 Can someone please go onto my blog because no one goes on my blogs 😥 Thank you 🙂

  13. Srry here’s my link xD

    Enjoy people 🙂

  14. Hey Mayu!
    I’ve been playing Animal Crossing Wild World since 2006 and having browsed your website, I get a feeling that we played over WiFi before. Weren’t you the one who once had those cute Pikachu patterns? xD

    Anyways, I love your website. It’s very interesting. Maybe, we can play over WiFi sometime (:

  15. Name: Miki
    Town: Sandybay
    FC: 2710-2374-1055
    Feel free to drop in and say “Hi” sametime (:

  16. Looking for friends for AC New Leaf. Check out my website & post FC.

  17. I LOVE this channel!!!!

  18. Thanks for all the info,it’s really helpful.Oh,by the way you will be seeing me a lot on here:)

  19. My name is Nightshauria. Nice to meet ya’ll. No,I’m not a cowgirl I’m just a normal 10 year old that said”Thanks for all the info,it’s really helpful. Oh,by the way you will seeing me a lot on here”so yeah I might drop by someday.

  20. 0>

  21. U should have a diary for Animal Crossing New Leaf

  22. hi Mayu! i really like your icons and patterns page. How are you so GOOD at pixel art? could you do fiery tulip pattern please? i need some for my ground.

  23. i need to chat

  24. ohhhhhh the page is very cute 😀 😛

  25. Does anyone still play this??

  26. Hii Mayu! I found your blog and I really love the patterns you make! 🙂 I was hoping you could make a pattern flag for my town Rainland. Reply if you can! Thanks so much :>

  27. hello im

  28. what the world

  29. h

    • hi

  30. Name: Yuta
    Town: Creyal
    FC: 0649 0169 4187

    Add me! and send me your code 🙂

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  33. adsfadfaf

  34. lol does anyone still play ACWW?

  35. I cant believe I found this just now for Clash of Clans: I just tried that! (9AeNy)


  37. mayu are u dead

  38. Hi do you have a freind code yet? i don`t… (Tear)

  39. Hi do you have a freind code yet? i don`t… (Tear)

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