Do you need help? You don’t know what to do in ACWW and can’t find solution anywhere? Please just put your question here and I’ll try to answer. I’m almost every day on my blog, so answer should come asap.

The most frequently asked questions of you are:
How do I connect my DS to Nintendo Wifi?

First of all you need a wireless router or a Nintendo Wifi stick. The stick is quite easy, you install the drivers with the included CD and I think it’s also well explained there how you use this stick to play over Wifi.
For the wireless router I’ve got following tipps:

1.step: set the router to wep (which the Nintendo DS Wifi is requiring)

1. Open Internet browser and type (or into the adress bar to get into the router’s settings

2. If prompted enter the username and password, by default these are both “admin”. Without the quotes obviously. But if you or your parents entered another name and password please use this instead xD

3. Go to the section with “SSID” and set it to something that you will remember. This is the name of your network and will be visible to everyone. Try not to make it your surname or address, choose something else. MAKE A NOTE OF IT.

4. Where it says “Authentication Type” choose WEP128bits and the router will have a little think and present you with a section entitled “WEP”.

5. In the “WEP” section ensure that “Key#1” is selected and then enter a pass phrase. This must be 13 characters and/or numbers long. This is your wireless password so, again, make sure its not obvious and MAKE A NOTE OF IT.

6. Scroll down and hit SUBMIT to save this

2. step: Ok that was all for the router, now your DS

1. Put your ACWW game into the DS, start it

2. Just after you see black screen with “Nintendo”, touch to start and then you’ll be asked like “you came to play, did you?” then don’t press “continue” but the “Other things”

3. Go to “Wi-Fi settings” there

4. Connect to Nintendo

5. go to Nintendo Wifi Connection Settings (the blue box)

6. choose Connection 1 then “Manual Setup”

7. Yay, now you can see there the two options SSID and WEP Key. Edit the SSID and give the name you made a note of it before (it has to be the same name like in the router)

8. Same with the WEP key, both (the router and the DS) need the same WEP key 😉

9. Keep “auto-obtain IP Adress” on “Yes” then save settings or you can even try the “Test Connection” before

10. Be sure that your router is on Wifi mode and you should be able to connect to Nintendo Wifi when you start your ACWW. Just go to Copper at the gates and ask for your FC

Of course routers vary in their structure, but all wireless routers should have an SSID and WEP-section, these are the both important things for connecting to Nintendo-Wifi, hope this little instruction could help you.
I would also recommend to visit Nintendo’s Wifi site, it also has got a nice explanation how to connect your DS to Wifi :
Nintendo Wi-Fi

How do you take photos from your DS?

This post will hopefully help you:
How to take photos from your DS

How do I breed hybrids?

I also made once a hybrid guide:
Click here

What must I do to get a perfect town?

I will explain it in two ways, the first is in my opinion very complex and hardworking, the second one is much easier but you have to have an good eye of spreading trees and flowers evenly over your town.

1st way: Dividing your town into 16×16 acres

You have to divide your town into 16 acres, and every acre’s is 16×16 squares.
Pic of my town divided into 16 acres
Just start in the left upper corner and put designs on the ground to the right. After 16 designs you go down with another 15 designs and then left again. That’s your first square ^^. Just do it with your whole town until you’ve got it divided like in the pic. (I know it’s a little bit difficult, as there are rivers or bridges or smthg like that – but I think it doesn’t really matter if it’s not 100% correct)
Then you have to put in the squares trees and flowers. This list is from Annie’s ACWW board (I’ve shortened it a bit):
relation between trees and flowers in one square:
0 trees -> 27 flowers
1 tree -> 25 flowers
2 trees -> 23 flowers
3 or 24 trees -> 21 flowers
4 or 23 trees -> 19 flowers
5 or 22trees -> 17 flowers
6 or 21 trees -> 15 flowers
7 or 20 trees -> 13 flowers
8 or 19trees -> 11 flwoers
9 or 18 trees -> 9 flowers
10 or 17 trees -> 7 flowers
11 or 16 trees -> 5 flowers
12-15 trees -> 3 flowers

At least 8 of 16 acresAccording to my blog readers all should be “perfect” to get the PTS. Another thing to do is to weed every day, water the wilted flowers and don’t leave stuff in your town. Then ask every day Pelly or Phyllis for your town rate and on the 16th day you’ll get your golden water can. Ah yes, and you know that your town is still perfect when one jacob’s ladder is growing at these days once a day.
I hope I could help you, I haven’t used this strategy to get the perfect town in the past. I just put trees here and there and put many flowers around my town and suddenly I was in PTS xD.

2nd way: Spread trees and LOADS of flowers over your town

That’s my favourite method to get a perfect town: just buy LOADS of flowers every day from Nook’s shop and spread them over your town. You’ll need around 70~80 flowers at least and I recommend to put two flowers of a kind together that they can breed even more flowers and hybrids ;). Flowers do great job of replacing missing trees but if you have got too much trees, they won’t help and you have to cut some trees until it’s perfect or Pelly is saying that the town needs more trees. Also plant trees on every empty spots, not too close together but also not too far. I’ve got several posts about helping other people to get PTS, so just look in my search mask for PTS and you’ll get a bunch of posts ;).
Fingers crossed for all of you 😉

How can I get an avatar here and what smilies can I use?

You can either have an own blog here on wordpress (just register HERE ) or you can register at http://en.gravatar.com/ to have an avatar on all sites that uses gravatars.
(Tilly, thanks again for this helpful hint)

And wordpress also offer a help site where all smilies are listed:
List of wordpress smilies




  1. how do I make a cool banner/header pic i think its called like urs? and how do i get neighbors pics? i just cant seem to get them!

  2. can a boy tan in acww and how if he can?

  3. Dear mayu my town was perfect and 5the next day pelly says it needs more green i dont get it

    • Oh that can happen when some flowers withered away so that you have less green again… 😦

  4. What all do u have to do to get a perfect town?

    • It’s described on this page? xP 😆

  5. hello mayu im kinda down in the dumps cause i have like, over hundred flowers and pelly still tells me i need SOME green but i have enough flowers, do i need more trees? please help!


    • I would look for open spaces in your town. Then plant a tree on that spot. Flowers and trees have to be spread evenly over the town, I wish I could see your town to help better. >.<

  6. oh, i never noticed that. i have a bunch of little flower beds all tight together. wow. youre a big help. but its too bad i have to sacrifice my little flower beds. theyre so cute! teehee! ^.~

  7. its just so much neater

    • You’re welcome! I hope this will result to PTS now xD

  8. COOL

  9. hi i am clara and very nice blog you have ! i have a question: can you tell me how to plant coconut trees not only on sand but on a regulary ground, not in the center of the town but just where the beach is (there are some parts were isnt sand) ? thx! greetss clara

    • Just try to plant them near the beach, just not right in front of the water but any other place is good for this, even the grass area. When I remember right you can plant coconut trees up to 16 spaces above the sea so it’s quite a big area where they’ll grow.

  10. Ich schreib einfach mal deutsch weils für mich einfacher is ;D
    Muss ich die WEP verschlüsselung haben? weil auf der internetseite(die mit den zahlen haha) da nimmt das meinen benutzernamen und mein kennwort nicht an und ich hab keine ahnung wieso. ich hab kabel bw und wir hatten jetzt eine woche stress damit alles einzustellen und wenn ich ehrlich bin wärs mir lieber wenn ich mit WPA2 auch wieder wifi haben könnte, weil alles neu einzustellen (router+modem und das ganze bla) ist mir echt zu viel arbeit.

    • Hi Larissa! Ja, soweit ich weiß musst du leider die WEP Verschlüsselung haben, um Wifi spielen zu können. Und ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass das viel Arbeit war euren Router neu einzustellen, man ist ja dann froh, wenn wenigstens Internet gut klappt lol.
      Das alles jetzt auf WEP wieder umzustellen ist natürlich dann auch wieder Stress…

  11. The items bought at Nooks – like bird bath, wheelbarrow, store front, etc – can these be placed around the town, or only in my home ?
    If they can, how do you do this?

    • Items bought from Nook can only be placed in the house, never outside. That would be really cool though! 😉

  12. I wish there was benches and lamp posts like there is in the 3DS

    • me too

  13. What are some things that you would recommend wearing?I’m bored with how I look at the moment.

    • I think it’s always cooler to wear self designed patterns!

      Try mixing colours with outfits too, you could try green outfits and green accessories, you could mix cool/hot colours (Red, orange, yellow, and blue, green, purple), you could do it black & white, or you could use harmonious (?) colours, blue & orange, red & green, yellow & purple etc!

      I think it’s also cool to have a matching hair colour too!

      Or you could check out my blog, new pages are coming with seasonal clothing matches!

      Love and hugs!
      Sorcha xxx

    • When you also go these sites and look for ‘dress’
      you’ll find enormous ideas for shirts, hope this helps…

  14. Um do you know the different locations and town shapes there are?
    Like, what your town would look like if you chose: Townhall, shopping, beach, museum, or border? (like when blathers asks you?)

    • I mean, not blathers lol but kapp’n

      • Hello Bluelegger. I just wanted to tell you, Chiro from Okinawa

  15. hi mayu i wanna visit your town!!!!!!! my fc is…

    NAME: Juleane

    Town: Toronto

    FC: 142008329588

    i cant wait to visit your town soon!

  16. idiot. make sense!

  17. kann man bei acww auch heiraten
    lg laura

  18. How do I take photos of my DS screen without it being pixelated?

  19. go to http://www.acwwphotoblog.doodlekit.com/home/ for my blog on acww

  20. Hi Mayu. I was wondering how you got your ACWW blog. I have been trying to get one for quite some time now and I really want to get one. I just can’t figure out where the site is to get one… I have taking photos to put on my blog and I have over 300 now and I don’t have anymore room on my camera to put anymore. Please answer! And btw if you wanted to play on Wifi with me here’s my info:
    Name: Candy
    Town: Oblivion
    Friend Code: 2666-1893-2463

  21. when does gulliver come?

  22. so i don’t know if anybody will read this, but i can’t get on my catalog anymore. i cleared out the mailboxes, sent letters to villagers, etc etc. i time traveled a couple years ago on accident but i don’t know if thats connected. any ideas? and i really don’t want to restart my game because i love my town and my neighbors.

  23. http://kiyasjournal.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/join-the-uprising-visit-mayus-minicity-mitsukyo/

    Help too. Please

  24. I;m trying to get the acres in my town to work, but everytime i get close to finishing, it gets messed up some how. Am i just really bad at counting or does the river have something to do with it aswell.

    • You mean marking the acres, right? The river and ocean does take up space in your acres so start at the north end of your town. When you come to the river just stop and go to the other side and work your way back..

      I’m sorry I don’t know how to help you more.

  25. fantastic points altogether, you simply won a new reader.
    What would you recommend in regards to your submit that you simply made some days ago?
    Any certain?

  26. Hi everyone, it’s my first go to see at this web site, and article is really fruitful in favor of me, keep up posting these types of posts.

  27. Number is: I really wanna be good at patterns and be quick and copying some.I really have no idea where to start! could you answer that please?

    Number 2 is i wanna be good at pixel art too and do all those icons in all the AC there is.. I have NO IDEA whatsoever where to start either! could you answer tat too?

  28. i have NO idea whatsoever how to make a grid like the one on your patterns page..

  29. Hello 🙂 You have a very nice blog! I have a question, but I can´t write it in englisch sorry:
    Ich wollte ein Pattern von dir übernehmen auf der Wii. Auf dem Bild standen deine gewählten Farben und das man am Ende doch auf die Pallette 12 wechseln solle. Das hab ich leider nicht hinbekommen, die Farben sind alle nicht auf einer Pallette und wenn ich versuche auf 12 zu wechseln kommt nur komisches Zeugs bei mir raus.

    Wäre toll, wenn mir jemand erklären könnte wie das geht 🙂
    Schöne grüße

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    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme?
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