Posted by: Mayu | September 9, 2010

Hello Elo!

AAAAHHHH, sorry for the lack of posts again! ^^; 😳
In the last 2 weeks I couldn’t come to my computer very often because hubby had holidays and so I was also quite busy during the day, leaving no time to update my blog at all, sorry to all who waited so long for an answer or new posts >.< .

So…. it's quite embarassing, but I still have some reports about 2 weeks ago, the 9th of September :

This was the day where I found Cupcake♪'s gates open, you also know her as Elo ^^

Good early morning Elo lol! It was around 5AM there when I came to her town Rainbow xD. Elo had a really nice shirt on, I liked the colours 🙂

Her town looked totally different again and it was awesome! She worked hard for it and you can find a lot of interesting spots there 😀

Like this amazing orchard! 😆

Also a surprising mall street with all the shops and townhall, Redd’s and Katrina’s tent in one long row, haha, you have to see it 😉

I had a lot of fun in her house, together we ate a cake in her kitchen…

…spent some chit-chat time on the couch…

… and after that I took a lil nap in the bathroom(!) while Elo took a bath without any water LOL! 😆

You look so cute there, Elo!! xD

Thanks for the fun! 🙂



  1. WOW!!! those rooms are ausome, she really did put a lot of effort into her home, im amazed! im on the biggest u can get first floor upgrade but no extra rooms i made my house into the love hotel! its really cool.

    Tommorow at 10 a.m. in my town im having a group of: Iana Kesha Holjy Uno.

  2. This is to you lucy-jane, Yeah i have first floor full upgrade too, no extra rooms but I DON’T want a hotel you see…

    Would you like to wifi luce, I can do lunch time if it’s ok?

  3. Sure, sure, umm…. Could we do 2 maybe, Im at the mall at 12, so.

  4. Yeah whatever. i dont give a fishing care.

  5. will you to ******** else i will ******* batter you

  6. how did she get into the bathtub i am amazed LOL 🙂

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