Posted by: Mayu | September 6, 2010

Aww a Fanart from all my charas! Thanks a lot Emi Rose ♥

I know I haven’t found the time yet to answer all the comments you made in the last few days but I saw an interesting one coming from Emi Rose where she guided me to her blog to see a surprise she made for me.

And it was a FanArt about all my charas Mayu, Yuki, Haru and Miki!! 😀

Aww thanks a lot dear Emi, they’re soo cute xD. Did you draw it directly on the computer? That must have been very difficult 😮 !! I suck in drawing with my mouse xD

If you want to see the original post on her blog please go to
Present for Mayu

I think she would be really happy if you also can leave some comments there, she has a very cute blog ^^

THANKS SO MUCH, dear Emi, that was a wonderful surprise!!! 😀



  1. süüß XD ist hüpsch geworden hast du das mit rory auf meinem blog gesehen?

    • Ahh ich kam noch nicht dazu, mach ich gleich!! >.<

      • VIIIELEN DANK für dein tolles Bild Becci! Hihi die ganzen Glitzerdinger sind witzig xDD

  2. Wow, that’s really good!!

  3. Awww, that’s adorable!!!

  4. cool das pc zeichnen fällt mir auch schwer xD

  5. Mayu! :U

    But any how, I’m gonna try to comment more, kayy! ^^ Urm, I’m going to hopefully work on those drawings I said I’d draw for you >.<

    Sorry uber-busy lately, school is back, like y'all know! (: And i've been under tonnes a pressure ;D ❤

    You're blog is still super kawaii! && Hope you post more! ❤

    Robyn-Chan ^^ xxx

    • Thanks Robyn, nice to see you here again 😀
      I know, it’s also really busy for me these days so I know what you mean xP
      But hopefully we all get some extra spare time soon and I also try to post more often 😉

  6. D8 my comment was sliced in half! :-0 I said much more! ;( I’ll still comment though! Yippee! ❤

  7. Hello Mayu.I´ve Acww for 2 years now.I really want to meet you,you seem to be such a nice person,but i don´t know if i can get wifi. PS:i am german and didn´t know if i should write in german

    • Du kannst auch ruhig Deutsch schreiben ^^
      Hast du mal meine FAQ Seite gesehen? Dort habe ich (zwar auf Englisch) versucht den Leuten zu erklären wie man Wifi einstellt. ACWW macht tausendmal mehr Spaß wenn man sich mit Leuten treffen kann, ohne Wifi hätte ich das Spiel spätestens nach 1 Jahr in die Ecke geschmissen lol!
      Wenn du Fragen zu Wifi hast, dann nur her damit, ich versuch dann soweit es geht dir zu helfen.

  8. hallo Mayu,tut mir leid das ich erst so spät antworte aber mein internet war kaputt. Ich frag mal meine Schwester ob sie mir helfen kann und wenn ich irgendwann mal Wifi bekomme sag ich es dir.
    PS: Toller blog

  9. Hi, Emi did indeed draw this herself! She is so good at drawing – for Christmas we bought her a new graphics tablet !! She is really awsome at drawing, as her Mummy – I am proud!! 😀

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