Posted by: Mayu | September 20, 2010

How cool! Three new Fanarts for me! :D

Aww, during the last two weeks I got some pressies from my friends again! x3
Thanks so much guys and sorry for my late answer to that, it’s really a shame that you had to wait soo long for a response!! 😳
I hope my blogging time will be better in the next days/weeks, I’ll try that!

So let me show you my awesome presents!! 😀

Becci showed on her blog on Sept 4th (yes, it’s a LOOONG time ago, argh) a pretty edited picture of Rory and me, being BFF’S!

Tee hee, isn’t it cute? The effects are great, thanks for this sweet present, Becci! 😀
(when you click on the pics, you can see the original work without my frames 😉 )

My 2nd present I got on Sept 14th from my friend Jaimee of Ohio:

Haha, thanks a lot dear Jaimee, Miki looks so pretty there xD And I love the sweet dress you made for her 😀 ~♥

And last but not least I got another pressie from my good-and-old-ACWW-buddy Tilly lol:

You put a lot of effort in this pic, Tilly!! 😮 Mayu in Anime is always something special xD!! I also appreciate all your work a lot, dear Tilly!
But I won’t delete your old pressies to me, even when you don’t like them anymore, I still like them a lot! So please don’t ask me to delete them!!! 😉

THANKS SOOOO MUCH to everyone here, I can’t express my gratitude enough I just can say that these things make me really really happy!
You’re AWESOME!! xD



  1. Hi Kesha is back I also missed tAnning season but I’ll catch up next year. So if u Want to come to Malibu my paradise we change exchange fcs
    happy to back.!

    • Welcome back Kesha! 😀
      I hope I’ll find some time to play in my mornings again that we can meet up soon.
      Just this week will be impossible I think, maybe next week 🙂

  2. They’re all super kawaii! ❤ I lovee yours Tilly! But the cuteness of the other too is too adorable! ^^

  3. they all look so sweet! now i’m jealous because you get all these awesome gifts!

  4. Thanks So Much For Saying Mayu 😀
    Your A Super Duper Awesome Friend.


  5. Hi Mayu!!

    Sorry to say that I still don’t have any WI-FI but I’ve still been playing!! I love the pictures!!! LOL on the stars and hearts one!!! SO COOL!!! Well, gotta go, byes!!!

    Em. 🙂

    • It’s great to see you still playing Emily and I really think it’s amazing, because I think I would get bored really soon without Wifi >.<

  6. XD Tilly’s fanart is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank youuu everyone! 😀 I’m really happy with my drawing…:)

  8. Hallöchen Mayu. Ähm den Kommi bei “Again a new Nico ” hab ich geschrieben ….Sorry für die vielen Kommentare aber wie schon gesagt ich mag deinen Blog.Glaub ab jetzt schreib ich einen namen dazu lol

    • Danke Kathi, das ist ganz lieb von dir! 🙂 Ich freu mich darüber ^^

  9. Ach ja…. und den bei “kathleen from Minzdorf ” hm “nachschau” bei “awww a fanart from all my charas ” .Ich glaub das wars auch lol
    Ps : Schöne Bilder

  10. HEY! tilly that fanart was amazing i also like the blingee efects on the first 1:)


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