My ACWW Stats

name of town: Mitsukyo

Thanks to Yukichan
for creating this


Mayu Yuki Haru Miki
Mayu Yuki Haru Miki

Mayu: 3866-4327-6650 (German adults)
Yuki:  2406-1595-1074 (International adults)
Haru:  0344-8204-7612 (German kids + adults)
Miki: 2922-0581-5572 (International kids)

My timezone is Germany: GMT +2h DST

my house: final expansion

museum: completed

catalogue: completed (Mayu)

fish/insects: full list (all charas)

fruits: apple cherry orange peach pear coconut , townfruit:

current neighbours:

Genji Yuka Queenie Tangy
Legacy Sunnset Cloud9 Cool vil
Vesta Baabara Snake Bones
new Redwall new ?

My collected photos so far (the striped ones still missing):

(icon source: )

Ah and please read my rules before visiting my town ^^:

  • Please don’t run in my town, I’ve got many flowers and especially hybrids there – it would be a waste when running them over and destroy them, the best thing is to walk just with the cross button instead with the stylus
  • Please ask before picking up something, I’m usually generous at giving away flowers, hybrids, fruits or items, so it’s not needed to do it without permission 😉
  • You don’t have to ask if you can buy at Nook’s or Able sister, or visiting my house or neighbours, that of course you’re free to do so 🙂
  • And I think it’s naturally that you don’t have the permission to cut down trees, destroy flowers or leaving seeds in my town xD
  • Everyone can make a mistake – if you picked up for example a panel or run through a flower and destroyed it – just give me a hint, I promise that I don’t become angry about it as long you’re honest and tell me that 😉
  • Please don’t use AR in my town, even if it’s just walking through walls or do the very quick running, just be normal as everyone else is, I don’t want to mess up my game cartridge

Well I think that’s all, just be friendly and I think our meeting will be a pleasure for us both.^^ I’m looking forward to all of you 🙂

For those people who want to play with me and give me their FC, please introduce yourself at first and please read my statement concerning friends and Action Replay: Click here



  1. Hi could you pls add me too? I´ve read your rules and I agree with them.
    I´ve added Haru.

    FC: 4727-9162-1751
    Name: Kaley
    Town: USA

    thanks 😉 (I´m not really from USA but I like it <3)

    • Mayu Hasn’t been on since November…

    • I’ll add you when I get my ACWW,okay? Just tell me your rules;)

  2. I’ve added Miki to my friend Roster.
    and heres my acww info.

    FC: 326760221741

  3. Hi Mayu I really like your blogs!!!!! 🙂 can you show me how to

  4. get wifi? sorry it cut off ^^

  5. whoops sorry i forgot that there was a “how to get wifi” post sorry ^^’

  6. Mayu hasn’t been on guys…she abandoned this blog 😦

    • What makes you think like that?

  7. Wieso schreibst du alles auf englisch?
    Zufall oder so? Bei mir heißt die letzte Figur Mayu!!!!!!!

  8. Your FREAKIN MUM xD is right……she’s abandoned EVERYONE!

  9. how do you take pictures

    • You get a camera, turn it on, hold it to your DS and click whatever button takes the picture. Simples!

  10. good, then hope to see you soon.

  11. hi my name on acww is hana
    my town is called Florida
    my code is 0261-2883-2772

  12. I have pascals picture its not that hard to get, and if anyone wants to connect throgh Wi-Fi I can!

  13. omg!!! thats a year… 😥 mayu come back !!! i really miss you !!!! i dont think she plays ac anymore 😥

  14. good rules! whenever my friend comes to my town, she always picks all my fruit, runs thru flowers, and makes my residents angry…

  15. Mayu, I really miss you! Please just come back and post a goodbye or something…

  16. Mayuuuu ._.
    (Im Becci)

  17. hi wanna play with me some time? i dont have AR or hack and i dont steal. can i have a pear and orange? name: Alissa town: Apple i dont have a code yet

  18. It’s a real shame you had to abandon us, Mayu, I suppose you don’t play AC anymore, I’m Jack, a REALLY old friend, I gave you your first hybrid, remember? You also have abandoned the blog with no good-bye message which I thought was kinda lame. I’m still playing ACWW and now ACLGTTC on Wii. Hope to hear from you sometime, Jack xXx.


    Help too. Please

  20. mayu are you still on? i want to wifi with you my name is Emily from Emtopia (lol) and i need help getting a perfect town and all the fruits so please come back!!!

  21. I know she’s dissapeared for nearly 2 years now but where does she keep all her photo collection.

  22. How did you get Tammi and Nana’s pic?

  23. do you know what dates the acorn festival are?

    • I know they are around October ish time ( 11th october I always go on because It’s my b-day and the acorn festival is on too!)

  24. Add me! I just found my ACWW game yesterday but come over anytime! We can hang out and trade and chill in my awesome house!!
    Name: Jacy
    Friend Code: 4471-2184-3748

    • Add you when i get it

  25. Okay peps. I’ll add you when I get my ACWW,okay?I’d love to meet you guys now but I can’t find my game so I’m just going to get another one at some point. Tell me your town rules and I’ll obey them like a well-trained dog being told to sit,so you guys can trust me.I’m a Birds Of Tokyo so you start talking about Birds Of Tokyo I’m in:)

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