Posted by: Mayu | August 31, 2010

Blue and Green girl

Tee hee, Rory came to my town this morning ^^. It was a quiet but lovely Wifi play and a good chance to work on my tan again lol.

Aww that’s a very typical picture of Rory. Almost always sunny and in good mood and also very nice and kind 🙂

I looked for the ants in this cage, but I can’t see any!!! xP Couldn’t Nintendo just put some moving pixel dots in it? 😛

We both were disappointed and clueless about that 😆 😛

Then we both decided to change our haircolours/-styles :mrgreen:

Hahaha! Now we are Blue & Green girl! 😛 Soo cute Rory XDD

Then we went fishing. ^^

Luckily I didn’t catch a green seebass but a blue marlin 😛

After a while we partied over and went to Rory’s town St. Jimmy ^^

There I was pushing her to lay down the path a lot quicker!! Chop chop! I want to walk along your town without having mud on my shoes xP. 😆

Rory had a beautiful black colour shirts collection at her Ables. She said a friend displayed it there, how cool is that! 😀

Thanks for visiting me Rory!! ~♥



  1. Thanks so much fr«or the fun^:D its always fun with you! you´re the best! xD <33

  2. Hey Mayu!
    Could you please have a look at my blog? theres something on there you might like….;) I love your blog and have been reading for almost a year. I love ACWW but I havent got wifi yet….:’(

  3. Looks like fun! 🙂 😀 8) =) =D

  4. Awwww, that’s cute…
    I wish I could wi-fi 😦

  5. mayu, you know nintendo, would not put pixel dots in that, nintendo sucks, there only good inventinions include: nintendo ds, wii, 3ds.

  6. jee jee roma, roma, oohlala

  7. somebody please add me!!! i’m new to this wifi stuff and i dont have many friends!
    name: Gracie

  8. sweet designs!!! (:

  9. if you ever get trapped by holes, try pressing the B button to kick dirt over the hole

    you can’t be holding anything though…

  10. OOh ;l

  11. wow love your blog mayu! (;

  12. love your blog whats your fc

  13. hey acnl rocks. do you have it? :)Hiya I am caleigh, and I love animal crossing, and I also love animal jam I will explain what that is later, well for the people who don’t know what they are! Me and my friend Aeris love animal crossing and animal jam I also chat wayyyyyyyyy too much on a website called http://www.animal jam spirit chat blog. It is very fun I love it I also like trading not in any special way, just in paticular like, real life and on games I have a acccount on raz kids. I also have an awesome school! It is a lot of fun I can tell you that! Haha so I will tell you what animal jam and animal crossing are now, animal crossing is like a virtual world where you can make up to 4 characters and you can sell stuff, buy stuff and take stuff and there is a new verson of animal crossing called ‘new leaf’ I will tell you more later!

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