Posted by: Mayu | March 2, 2009

Chat Box Rules!

Well, folks, there’ve been a lot of problems with behaviour in the Chat Box. We’ve had a lot of swearings, insults and fightings on there. Well, I think it’s time to lay down some rules:

No.1: No excessive swearing in the Chat Box! Saying damn or other words like this are fine, but ONLY if you are angry at nobody in particular. Calling people names is strictly prohibited! DO NOT SWEAR, CURSE, INSULT OR USE RACIAL SLUR IN THE CHAT BOX!!!

No.2: The chatroom is open for every theme, not only for ACWW. So if someone is talking about his hobby, don’t yell at him that this chatroom is only for ACWW!

No.3: Respect other people’s opinions. No picking, no bullying just because the person is different to you!

No.4: Be always careful what you say in the chat room, don’t give too much details of your real life, because you never really know what person is behind the nickname. There aren’t always nice people there, especially when you’re still a kid, don’t give ever your personal infos to strangers (but adults should also be VERY cautious about it) 😉
Read this true story what happened to a young girl: Chatdanger

5. I found also a good site to help you to know
Recommended to read that! 😉

These rules may be edited at any time, so please check back regularly.

The moderators are told to do following things when you don’t obey the rules:

-when you break the rules you will get instantly kicked out of the chat room
-try it again and you will be kicked again
-if you’re still continuing, you will be banned for 1 hour
-banning goes up to 1 day or even forever when you can’t stop breaking rules!!

Hope we don’t have such massive problems again in my chat-room, otherwise I will just close it, so please keep that in mind!

It could be so easy: Just be nice and respectful! 😉 😀

Some hints about chat box usage:

I’ve got these helpful hints from’s help site:

What do the colors on the user list mean?
Green is online, red is offline, gold is owner, silver is moderator, blue is member

How do I change my Name, Picture and Home Page?
Click then green symbol of your name at the top of the user list on the right

How do I get my own xat chat box?
Click [Get a Chat Box] button on the bottom right

How do I turn off automatically sign?
Go to your profile page and un-check sign in automatically. You will have to click [Sign in] every time you visit a chat box to appear on the user list and to chat



  1. ………

  2. 😳 (pssst…to everyone… have I forgotten sarah… is she moderator…?)(I’m old!!)

    SORRY FOR WRITING IN CAPITALS, I’LL STOP NOW. Ok, sorry. Pleeeeease hurry up. I need you!

    P.S. I have an xat account now, so this can never ever happen again. Please please please help. I’m not even a member! 😥

    • Luckily I met you in the chatroom an hour ago 😉

      • Thankyou sooo much.

        Also, Summer will need re-moderating soon. As her laptop is broken, and shes using another one of a member of the family.


          • I want that but you need to be in my chatroom that I can make you moderator again xP
            Can we meet up like 9PM my evening in chatroom?

            • sorry mayu this is so hard for me it will be 3:00pm my time i’ be at school leaveing school 😦 maybe this sunday? i can only be available 11:00pm MY time only fridays and sundays anytime. too bad i cant be everyday.

  4. hey Mayu,
    Can you un-ban Cody, or john? I don’t know why people were saying that he’s mean because he hate fights and wouldn’t make one!

    Oh, and I got a chat box! It’s

  5. mayu bellas ban forever ok

    • what has she done? ❓

  6. for therting the chop off summer dawns and nicoles heads off

  7. for therting the chop off summer dawns and nicoles heads off and i don.t know relly

    • Ummm what has this got to do with the chat room? Did she swear or insult in the chatroom and when she did it was she the only one? 😕

  8. Hi mayu,
    This is what happened in dawns town, bella got angry and upset and was threatening to cut mine nicole and dawns heads off- weather it was a joke or not it was scary… and she also chopped down 2 of dawns trees.
    It was strange and we wasent sure weather it was done delibrately or as a joke…

    • yeah she was saying mean stuff to us in twinleaf and she choped dawn’s trees (not all of em)

      • That’s why she get banned in my chatroom? I agree, that it isn’t nice at all to chop down trees in another town and being rude was also not good either and I would be also mad when someone is going to try that in my town, but…
        what has this got to do with the chatroom?

        • I agree. I think you shouldnt fo stuff like that, but why should she get banned from the chat room.
          First of all, I dont know what really happened in Twinleaf or any other towns only rumours and stories against Bella. So all the information I put is just what I have heard, also before we confirm any of this is true I would like to hear Bella’s side of the story.
          Although I was in the chat room when Bella got banned by Nicole. And there expressed my feelings of that banning her for 6 hours was unecessary, and if something had happened you (Mayu) would deal with it. As she did not actually break a chat room rule.
          Anyway, from what I’ve heard Bella did do numerous things, but like all rumours the story has grown. What Bella possibly could of done, was steal hybrids, flowers, chop trees, pull up tiles, steal fruit, call names and more over make people unhappy.
          During this moment of time I would just like to classify I do not choose sides or team up in anyway with friends, and I would not like to name any of the people who told or where involved in this, except people who have publicly put their opinion or tellings on this blog.
          Finally, I find their no need to continue ranting on about this story until Bella has shared her opinion. Questions from Mayu will be answered unless it concerns anything which has not been mentioned on this statement.
          Please read this and make sure you take into account everyones views,

          • sorcha? bella was mean in chatroom too so …

            • How? In my opinion she wasn’t acting nasty…
              She didnt break any of the rules…

  9. oh i didnt know why bella was banned from the chat room as i wasent there at the time…
    All i knew was what happened in dawns town, But about the chat room just like sorcha said i wont be taking sides as i dont know what happened in there!


  10. Thanks for all your statements, I really appreciate it and now I’ve got an idea what might have happened.
    As Bella wasn’t breaking the chatroom rules, I would like my mods to take her ban away if I’m not seeing her.
    About the other thing it would be easier to discuss that in the chatroom itself or when we play over Wifi, another option would be to just forget about this incidence… 😉

  11. Yeah, i think we should forget about it too, im not one to hold a grudge anyway lol!
    So bella lets carry on like normal hehe 🙂
    Thanks for helping mayu!


  12. Sorry I write such a loong statement.
    I just thought everyone was being a little harsh on Bella, even if she did do that stuff.
    I think we should forget about it too, but if it happens again, it should be talked about.
    Does everyone agree?

  13. Mayu Im now ‘Sorcha’ and you need to delete john21 off your mods

  14. i agree sorcha if she says sorry

  15. Totally agree with you sorcha!

    Summer 🙂

  16. mayu im throwing a acww party for you on your chat room is that ok

    • No its not ok.


  17. mayu your invited’ to a acww party on your chat room

  18. mayu nver mind about acww party on your chat room

    • what party? im in chatroom and i dont see any party. pftt

  19. Hi Mayu I Won’t Be On The Chatbox anymore!! IM Sorry People were Being mean to mt sister and Me They were Calling Us God-Mods and then Analiise Banned My Sister and Know i Cant go in Cause My sister and I Share Computer so he Banned Both Accounts the People Were Rihanna, Sophia_Nicole, Analiise and Other Things i bET They Will Deny what they did and Blame My Sister and me.

    • Is this Alex 😉

      I back up alex, lots of people where being mean to his sister, I gave you a statement on Guestbook mayu of what I saw.

  20. sorry mayu but im leaving forever bye

  21. Also Analiise Said To My Sister “Just Try Being Mean To Me And Ill Come to your House and Slice Your Throat. I Was Right Next to her when she said That

    • alex you were being rude by the way mayu you can make john a moderator instead of me…. im leaving for ever i hope thats ok with you

      • What? My Sister was on Chat I was Next To Her

        • just stop it ok? your gonna make me cry and i need to be happi because i have a wii

          • Nicole COME BACK!!

      • My chatroom is closed now, sorry for all the troubles you had 😦

  22. I don’t deny banning you. Because I’m sick of people call me a bully. Mayu, you may as well take away my mod status and give it to someone else cos Im leaving


      Everyone is leaving 😥

    • I think it’s really a good idea to take the chatroom off my blog. I really can’t say what to do in that case, the fight has just been going out of control and everyone is accusing the others. So I think there’s no need of saying more words to this, I’m not mad at you, nor to the others, and I hope everyone calms down now 😉

  23. ohhh nicole 😦 dont leave.
    i dont want u 2 😦

  24. I’ve got enough, sorry to those people who really loved to go to my chatroom, but I think a pause of all of these fightings is urgent now… 😦
    Please accept my decision, I just don’t want to spend my time with finding out who and what and why has said to someone else etc. etc. etc.
    I just don’t have enough time for this… 😦
    For those people who like to chat I would recommend to use other chatrooms. There are still many of my friends here, who have an own chatroom.
    Perhaps it would be nice if those people, who have a chatroom, announce it here again, that people can see where you all can meet up now… (argh what a strange English lol)

    • Whats your desision? 😕 lol


        • Sorry Sorcha, I really don’t know other solution than to take a rest of my chatroom that everyone can calm down…
          And like I said, I bet you know many other people who have chatrooms, too, why not joining them? ^^

          • Aw, no way.
            I dont believe that…
            Thats such a downer.

            Mayu, is this really in order? I dont think its that necessary, prehaps you should consider your moderators.

            Just please mayu, I haven’t seen summer for over a week, and I dont know how else to see her.

            Im counting on you Mayu, one more week, please.

  25. Sorcha: Thank you for telling me about pts and adding fc’s. I’ll post mine on my blog when I get one so check it out.

    Mayu: First of all, wow your blog is cool but when you don’t go on it for awhile i bet it gets crowded with comments etc. And then you have to reply to all them and post about everything else which takes for ages i take it? Well can you add my blog to your blogroll? It’s and check it out when you want! I just got acww today/yesterday and its already addicting! I don’t have fc yet but will soon add me when i do have one! 🙂

    • Hello Mei2009, thanks for visiting my blog 😀
      And yes, it’s really a problem when I’m not on my blog for more than one day, I have to take a lot of time to answer all comments here lol. But it’s still a lot of fun and I don’t see it as work, because all my blog readers are very nice and I have a lot of fun playing or discussing with them 🙂

      I’ve just visited your blog and it’s really nice! 😀 Of course I’ll add you to my blogroll, can you add mine too? ^^

    • Ok, Im glad I could help 😀

  26. Oh your a downer mayu, a real downer.
    I dont believe it.

    Ok, Im going to leave here, as there is no other way of talking to my BFFs, as ones gone missing, and the only way I could’ve talked is on your chat, and ones left.

    Thats great. Thanks a lot.

    • 😦 Ok, then I’m a real downer, but I don’t have fun anymore to settle all these fightings, I’m really fed up with it, because it happened several times and because I’m sooo seldom on my own chatroom I also think that I couldn’t take the responsibility for all those people who might get hurt at those fightings.

      But… I’m thinking of leaving perhaps links to other chatrooms here, so that you can choose between several rooms, not owned by me, but for example by Dawn, Tammie or Emmy if they want to…

      Let me think about it and I’ll make a post about this theme.
      I hope that’s ok.

      • I have a bright idea.
        You leave it a week, open it up again, then if the fights continue, shut it for 2 weeks, until people realise theres NO fighting.

  27. mayu plz dont colsed your chat i need to ask you something there

    • can’t you ask it here? If you don’t want to show it to all people here put “Secret solution” into your comment and it’s going to be in moderating mode, so only I can see it.

  28. mayu may i vist tomrow since its mine and lucys last day playing acww ty for all the good times i had a good time and lucy made a red dress for all of your chars ok plz rely back ok

    • When cody? I can only play around 8PM my time, but you’re always commenting here in my deep night… 😦

    • cody, you always your like : ” hey Mayu, im leaveing forever ok” “hey mayu, when can i go to your town” ” hey mayu im trowing an acww party in your chatroom is that ok” “hey Im open”.

      I AM SICK OF THIS, CODY, why don’t you leave. im tired. you Leave mayu alone in peace and just use your logic (as you don’t have logic) she is an human H-U-M-A-N im taking this seriously ok? you’ve been so nice but your like always acting like a 9 year old. you don’t know how to write. do you go to school?
      sorry, but i don’t think we are ” acww buddys” anymore because i quit seeing your comments. bye and sorry for being mean, but i just have to tell the truth.
      you always say your leaving for ever, and you NEVER do! bye and sorry

  29. mayu hows your day going

    • fine lucy, and yours? 🙂

  30. mayu i got a red dress for you

    • Aww thanks lucy, I hope to see you soon and I’ll see it I’ve got a nice item for you 😉

  31. miss mayu when will you open or can you come to my town

    • Sorry lucy, like I’ve announced on my blog under the gate pic, I didn’t have time to play at that time 😦

  32. mayu i have a qestion wen i talk to pelly about da envirmont she always sas to add some green how do u add green

    • You have to plant a few more trees and loads of flowers over the town to add more green 🙂

  33. hey who wants to come to my town

  34. Sorry, I can’t.
    Do you know any way do contact someone called Damian?Does any1?

    • Hallo Samia, My name is sorcha, I will explain to you this:

      Post a note on guestbook, each couple of days, check for a reply.

      I know damian, and Im sure hell see you if you post a note on guesbook 😉

  35. Um… Mayu, what happened to your chatroom? I can’t find the link on this site and… when I use the link on my site it’s completely empty.

    • Hi P!nk ^^ Well I gave up my chatroom and as I can’t delete it (what a stupid misfunction) I’ve set it up that people won’t see entries there anymore. I was just fed up to be admin and to settle all these fightings there 😉

      • I am very curious! LOL Please red the following note bellow,

  36. I need advice, so on a chat box I was playing with someone saying,”I have kicked (SO&SO). Reason: Can I have a day?” Then my BEST FRIEND booted me to an inap place while my sister was watching me! IK this maybe a dead chat but… ANYWAYS I don’t know if I should quit or let it go. I mean, she knew I was joking, plus she booted me for begging. I don’t believe that was begging. I just asked politely while trying to make a joke at the same time. I am curious, PLEASE HELP!


  38. 29.

    CLAIRE! If you see this know that I am reeeeally sorry! I know what brothers are like and i believed you!(I thought that you were just having a funny moment and being funny, i thought it was funny.)
    Please forgive?

  39. hi

  40. any one here?

    • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  41. hi

  42. Genji said he has lipstick but hes a boy………..

    • LOL
      Thats so funny!

  43. Does anyone know how to get money bags on the money tree like the one in the picture? I always find the bags of money in the tree instead of finding them hanging out like the fruit. I need help…

  44. Does anyone want to play ACWW?

  45. i do


  47. Who’s online every day? I want somebody to come to my town. Plz! Here’s my info: name, lizzy Town, ichell code, 339676011461

  48. Someone open their gate or u come to me?

    Name: Tiana
    Town: Orlando
    Code: 0648-5449-7133

    Add and come! Or I go! Today! NOW!

    • Add me ,

    • Do you need some bells? I need somebody to hang out with me or help me pick up he weeds. Im workin on decorating my town. Can I visit your town?
      Town: Ichell
      Code: 339676011461

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