Posted by: Mayu | March 14, 2010

Another cute present: Tilly’s drawing

Yaaay, I’m always happy when I get presents x3. Especially when they’re so lovely done and selfmade like this drawing of Tilly:

Aww, thank you so so so so so so much Tilly, you really have great skill in drawing!! 😀 😀
THANKS! Mwah! lol



  1. Hehe, thanks for posting it!!! Just please start a fan art page! xD

  2. How about in 15 minutes? My FC is 2321-8215-3237!

  3. like Desirée

  4. Maybe Tomorrow?

    • I’m so sorry Emma, I didn’t have time later on, sorry that you’ve been waiting for me! xP 😳
      Yes, let’s try tonight again, at 8PM I’ll look for your gates first, if not I’ll open my gates ^^

  5. Oh, it’s ok. I had to go anyway 😉 so I’ll se you tonight! (Well more like this afternoon for me!)

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