Posted by: Mayu | November 26, 2008

Did you know… (part 25: Wendell’s patterns)

… that you have to give to Wendell different food to get different patterns?

This “Did you know…” took me over a week to get the info and find all patterns, and I also drew every single pattern (so that no copyrights are violated) that you can copy them easily 😉

So here’s a list what you have to give Wendell to get a special pattern, have fun ^^ (click on the icons to get an bigger overview to pixel it):

name pattern food name pattern food
footsteps design Char Puddle pattern Crawfish/ frog/
Point 1 pattern Salmon Point 2 pattern King Salmon
Overhead View A Catfish Overhead View B Giant
Overhead View C Pond Smelt
Overhead View D Gar
North pattern Freshwater fish other
than above
West pattern Freshwater fish other
than above
Road 1 Freshwater fish other
than above
Road 2 Freshwater fish other
than above
Road 3 Freshwater fish other
than above
Road 4 Freshwater fish other
than above
Four way pattern Freshwater fish other
than above
Crosswalk design Freshwater fish other
than above
Rock pattern Barred
Fossil pattern Coelacanth
Drain pattern Shark/ Hammerhead
Shark/ Ocean Sunfish (Hai, Hammerhai,
Stop Sign design Saltwater fish other than above
No entry design Saltwater fish other than above Caution design Saltwater fish other than above
Right pattern Saltwater fish other than above Left pattern Saltwater fish other than above
No U-turn Saltwater fish other than above Home pattern Saltwater fish other than above
Town hall design Saltwater fish other than above Museum design Saltwater fish other than above
Dash pattern Coconut Block pattern any fruit
(irgendeine Frucht)
? Block design Acorn
Stairs pattern White Turnip
(Weiße Rübe)


  1. Das ist echt SUUUUUUUUPER Hilfreich!
    Danke für diesen Tollen Beitrag 😀
    LG Topia 😉

  2. SUPERB!!!

  3. Thanks so much Mayu! :mrgreen: This helped me loads! 😉

  4. hello

    • Hello Tyler :mrgreen:

      • Lol HI too! 😀

  5. this is soo awsome i gotten the north pattern by giveing him a rainbow trout
    thanks for the helps

    • You’re welcome 😀


  7. Hahaha I also was very surprised about it, look at my post :

    btw gates are open if you want to come?

  8. hi friends omg guss wo i got a cheat 2 get a mansion

    • Hi jacko ^^
      Be careful with these “house” cheats, they can destroy your town badly. I hope you have got at least a cheat to deseed your town again, when you’ve put your house on a false place.

  9. Hi! I was looking at the pictures of the screen that you took, and I would like to know how you got such a good photo. Is it a special kind of, camera, or a process you use to make such good pics?
    Please respond!:)

    • Hi Matt,
      I posted once my way of taking pics of from a DS:
      Please check here: How to take photos from your DS

      Hope it helped and thanks for visiting my blog 😉

  10. hi lol
    i am a bit confusd on animal crossing its bout my enviament i have 2 make every1 to work 2 gether can u help me plz ????:)

    • Have you checked the FAQ section, where I tried to explain how to get a perfect town? 😉

  11. MAYU GO ON CHAT!!!!

  12. Whoa, my icon changed, wierd!

  13. Ok, its back to normal, pls go on chat mayu 😉


  15. what must I give to winci if I want the rock pattern?
    … german? 😉

    • Ah Larissa, danke dass du mir Bescheid sagst, ich wollte schon immer die deutschen Namen mit dabei haben, sorry, ich mach mich gleich mal dran 😉

  16. Question:What is a char?

  17. hello people im having a hard time finding out how to work wifi can any one help me?

    • Have you read my FAQ page? There I’ve tried to explain how you get Wifi work, but when you have problems with it, we need more details, like what error codes are Copper telling you, etc. etc.

      • heyya mayu!!! what is your code i would really love it if we had eachothers codes mine is
        0002 5575 6344
        name: Paige_x
        Town: Florida

        my gate will be open every day from 9 half 9 or 10 xx

  18. doesn’t the overhead view look a lot like a phoinex? 🙂

  19. That dude is insane if he wants a colecanth from ME! i dont even thing i can ever get one IN MY LIFE!

    • i don’t mean to brag or anything but i went to my sisters town when it was raining and caught 2 IN A ROW!!!!!

      Sorry that was bragging 😦

  20. Hey mayu, please please please could you do me a “Spice” Flag?

    I have no ideas about it so be creative!!

    Sorchiie… xxx

    Ps: i know you dont have much time anymore, but could you make it just for me??? 😉 xxx

    • A Spice Flag… sounds interesting 😀 When you can wait I’ll try it for sure xP

  21. these are SOO amazing!!! could you make me a tropical type path? somthing like hannah’s old path. remember? me her alfie u?

    • Of course I remember Hannah, Alfie and you Hailey xD
      I’m very busy these days, but when I find some time I can also try to make a tropical path 😉

  22. 🙂 lol il try

  23. 😦 it rocks;o

  24. these designs are awesome

  25. Wow! Now I know why I only got block patterns from him! I didn’t know he ate fish! Thanks! 😀

  26. können sie mir ein Shiggy


  28. Hi mayu i know alot of people probably dont play anymore but i still do and i would like to thank you SOO MUCH it helped !!!

  29. Hi Mayu! I would just like to ask do you think you can make a water world theme pattern i saw your other water pattens and they helped alot but lately ive been on youtube and saw water world themed towns and they look brill if you dont have any time its okay. btw I LOVE YOUR DESIGNS!!!! xx

  30. Is this the entire list for Animal crossing wild world? I saw a rock pattern and a patch of flowers pattern online, but I’m not sure if it is fake or not. And do Wendell’s patterns do anything?

  31. can you make a music flag?

  32. can you make a water wallpaper

  33. HEY!!!!! Thank you soooooo much this really helped me though i have only seen Wendell 2 times, yes thats right 2 TIMES!!! AND I HAVE BEEN ON ACWW FOR AGES! …. …. ….. WHY?!

    Anyways thats not the point you see my town is called Cookies (yeah i know….just a random thing i came up with….) can you please make a flag to do with cookies (my town) cos the flag i have now has a dodgy cookie on it. :/ PLZZZZZZ!

  34. how do you change your profile piccy??????


  35. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!!!!

    Can i have your friend code please!!!!!!! Sorry but i dont have a friend code cos we got wifi and it wont work on my dsi 😥 but anyway when i sort that out ill send it to your blog 😀

    name: cathy
    town: Cookies
    Friend Code: ????-????-????

    • i have a friend code now yay!!!!! ok its
      please add me i will add yours i just need to know what it is 😀

  36. coooooooooooooooooooooool

  37. Bye the way: the left turn pattern is a seabass. every time i gave him a seabass and that was the only pattern i got :L

  38. Kannst du nicht auch das Motiv mit dem Wasser zeigen?:3
    Bitte das sieht total geil aus 😀

  39. I was really bored today so copied all of Wendell’s designs, they look awesome 😉

  40. thanks!!!!! (:

  41. Can you put up the dirt path blueprints?

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