Posted by: Mayu | February 26, 2010

2nd Spring contest: Design your own spring fashion!

Hi folks! 😀

As some of you asked me if I couldn’t held another pattern contest soon, I agreed to it and here it is:

Let’s-design-a-spring-fashion-pattern contest!!!!

This time I only want to see some very nice spring-themed
shirts, hats and/or umbrellas

– It must be self-designed, don’t copy a design from another person or website (I’ll check the pattern)!

– only one pattern per person!

– once you’ve given your pattern you can’t swap it again with another one!

You can show us your patterns in several ways:
– Give me an url to your photo of the design pattern and perhaps a photo how it looks like when you wear it

– if you can’t take photos from your pattern, try it with the pattern tool, it’s a good way to show your patterns 😉
Instead of waiting until it is published just make a screenshot of the finished pattern and upload it at imageshack. Or when you’re also on ACC you can also use the pattern maker there, I just need an url of your pattern.

– You can also give me your pattern during Wifi-gameplay and I’ll take photos of it and show it in the contest 😉

– When you tell me an url, please put it into “private comment” (write these words somewhere into your comment) that noone else can see it ^^

Last day to submit your pattern: March, 14th!

After that polling will start where I’ll show you all the patterns I’ve received (this time I won’t show them before) and you can vote for the best one in your opinion. 🙂 Polling time will take about one week until March 21st.
On March 22nd I’ll announce the winners!

Another thing for the poll: I’ll show them first anonymously, without the names who designed it! So that you really only can choose the best pattern and not the person you like most 😉
When poll is done I’ll show you of course all the related names to them ^^

Ok, of course I’ve also thought about a prize again. As it’s spring I think hybrids would be a nice prize, what do you think?

So my 1st prize will be:

ALL what you can see in this room! It contains all sorts of hybrids, and -if you want- also the jacob’s ladders and the dandelion.

Some other views of the room:

2nd prize: 10 hybrids of my spare area!

3rd prize: 5 hybrids of my spare area!

And everyone who participates gets also one hybrid. I hope I’ll breed enough of them in one month!! lol XD (but you’ll get them for sure, don’t worry 😆 )

Everything said? Oh, ACCF or AClgttC players are also invited to participate, but I can’t give them any prizes at all, because I don’t own this game…

The names of participants I’ll show you here in this post, just without their patterns so that you can see, how many people are taking part so far 😉

So far I’ve got patterns from these people: ♥Livs♥, Jaimee, Sean, Paige, Bubbi, Elo, maggie, Thea, Jasmine, Fiona, Karin, aayogl, DeVon, Ace, Samia, kesha, Sorcha

To see the poll of this content: CLICK HERE



  1. Yay! Sounds exciting. No one entered mine….
    Ok I already will put money on Herti, but I will try ^^

    • for first prize, do you get the wall and floor to? 😆
      during our wifi play, ill give it to you when i make it.

      • what a crazy town i have. everytime, everyone one of my towns, my nieghbors make hybrids!!!! out of nowhere(with no help from me!!!)

        • maybe she should go to ur town to get the pattern coz u might seed her again

          • that was un called for… -___-

            • Yeah, very uncalled for. Leave Damian alone, please.
              Everyone knows it was just a mistake.

              • it was a mistake? what?

                • good question..

          • thats freaking bitchy.

      • If you want you can have the wall and floor too, Damian xP

    • Yay, I appreciate it that you’ll take part, too ^^

  2. omg!!!! i cant wait to enter!!!!!!!!!!

    • your icon is so cool!

      • wait.. u can see it????? i cant.. grr 😆

  3. Hi, it’s Jasmin – I’ve got a new town so I thought a new name would be cool too!

    Me and Jasmine (that’s Molly who also changed her name, just like my real name but with an ‘e’ on the end) are entering on our DS’s and Thea’s entering on her Wii. This is going to be fun… but REALLY hard!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a long time, but I had a break from animal crossing for a while. I’m addicted again so I’ll be posting on your blog a lot more hopefully…

    • Hi Jasmin/Fiona! Thanks for visiting me again ^^! And hooray, you all are participating on this contest again, that’s cool! 😀

  4. ooh so exiting!!!! I will do it at grandma but i cant show you it until the 2 march 😦

    • yes just finished it! now how shall i upload it…?

      • the best is to give me your pattern next week linkboy 😉 It’s the easiest way ^^

  5. im bored

  6. no point in me participating. itd be just a waste of hybrids >.<

  7. plz add me mayu!
    fc: 4898-2938-3931
    name: YADIEL (WATER)
    town: SINNOH (ironic :P)

    i understand if you have to delete me for new friends.:)

  8. okidoki. im open
    Fc 4898-2938-3931
    town SINNOH
    name YADIL (WATER)


  10. Hi miki sean here from both mbros on acww and aclgttc I was wondering can I enter a pattern from both of my games.

  11. If you run out of hybrids, I don’t think Jing will notice if I steal a couple. =)

    • Haha nooo, that would be unfair xP. Don’t worry I think I’ll have enough 😉

  12. Is it only clothing?
    How about a pattern for the ground outside cuz i got a good one 🙂

    • Hmmmm… Actually I’ve thought only about clothes, or umbrellas…
      but when everyone doesn’t have a problem with it, I’ll accept it too 😉

      • No, that means you could use 16 squares, please no!!
        I dont even think there’s much fashion in the floor though xD

        • Ok! So before we have some big discussion about it, only fashion please!

          • you should put that at the top, so everyone can see it 😉

  13. Heya!
    A contest, yay! I’m joining if you don’t mind, just have to come up with something…. hmm…

    Btw, I’ve been up north for a week skiing, thats why I haven’t come visited anyone lately. I hope to see you guys again tonight!

    (I’m winning those hybrids! mwuhahah 😈 )

    Herti x

    • You’re going to win Herti, No one can beat you :L

      • You think so Sorch?
        Thanks, but there are so many great designers here! O__o
        And I’ve run out of ideas…

        • pft! absolutely no-one has a chance of beating you!

    • Of course you can join 😉

  14. If it’s a pattern on the ground I will have already of beaten her! 👿 sooo hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • It’s not a pattern on the ground.

  15. heey
    ich hab jetzt auf der seite, die du als link angegebn hast ein design gemacht…aba iwie wurde das bis etz nich bestätigt 😦

    ich habs etz zur not auch nochmal in meinem spiel designed, falls es da nichmehr auftaucht.
    wie soll ichs dir dann gebn??


    grüße karin

    • Das dauert ein paar Tage bis es ausgestellt wird, weil sie erst noch überprüfen müssen, ob das auch in Ordnung geht, das öffentlich zu zeigen 😉
      Keine Sorge, irgendwann wirst du dein Design da finden, hast ja auch noch 2 Wochen Zeit dafür ^^
      Ansonsten, wenn’s irgendwie gar nicht geklappt hat, spielst du auch über Wifi? Dann kannst du mir das Design geben.

      • okay cool ,dann warte ich jetzt einfach noch ein bisschen
        un zur not könnt ich auch über wifi spielen :):)

        • Ok ^^


  17. haha, do we need to cat walk with our design at the town. And Mayu are you going to dress up like the Mayor (turtle shell 😛 ) to be the judge?

  18. Hey Mayu im borowing my grandmother computer! Just wanna ask if it had to be a certain design for like chlotes or do it have to fit the ground or can i just make like a painting?

    • Well it said fashion contest, so please design a shirt pattern or a nice umbrella pattern ^^

      • when does it end? i hope im not 2 l8

        • Click on the “read more” and you’ll see more info ^^

  19. im definitely entering r already have my design picked out

  20. Wow, you’ve got such a response to your contest Mayu! 😀
    I’ll see if I get anything done for it! ^_^ (It depends though, because university just recommenced.) But I have no fashion sense 😛

    • That would be great Teru ^^ and congrats to your first prize in snowman competition!!! 😀 😀

  21. hey =D

    hört sich echt super an *-* ich spiele in letzter zeit nur nicht mehr so oft…aber ich schreibe noch ac-zeitung…und könnte über deinen wettbewerb berichten wenn du lust hast..oder wenn noch welche teilnehmen sollen…ich finde so etwas würde gut in die frühlings-ausgabe passen!^^

    • Hi Eve xD
      Kannst du gerne machen wenn du Lust hast und die Werbung nicht gleich geloescht wird lol!
      Teilnehmer haette ich wohl genug aber ich hab nichts dagegen, wenn du darueber berichten moechtest ^^

  22. eva xDD das war wohl ein dummer fehler ^_~
    eve,evelyn,crystal wie auch immer xD außer eva xD

    ok super =) ich füg dann auch ein bild rein vom wettbewerb und natürlich auch den link von dieser seite 😉 und wenn du willst gib ich dir dann später den link von der zeitung ^^

  23. ich hab wieder was verwechselt xD naja das mit dem eva musst du nicht verstehen ist länger her xDD

  24. wow… so many good designers are here, and probably some really good designs too. I’m so nervous!!!!!!

  25. Mayu,my pattern isn’t quite finished,can you pick it up or have me deliver it tonight or tomorrow morning?


  26. ohh! can i join? i’ve read about patterns, and they are fun to make! but i only have 1 day to make it…
    i’ll try my best!

  27. Hi Mayu! I was just wondering if u could come 2 my town sometime soon. I just hope that the WI-FI will work! hope 2 c u soon!

    • Ok Emily, I’ll look for your gates now ^^ 😀

  28. […] see the content of my 2nd spring contest : CLICK HERE) Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Sorrel’s compo Poll!!MMTP: Relative […]

    • AHHH! SCARY MAYU GHOST!!!! 😯 haha, jk

      • xP I know I also get confused about those pingbacks 😆

        • *shiver* *shiver* *shiver* … 😦

  29. … where were you 😦 ?
    omg!! I forgot about time difference!!!!!!!
    oh crap! I opened 19:15 your time…

    eek sorry, nevermind theres allways next year…

    • Argh Sorcha, and I was waiting until 11PM my time 😥

      Can you come now for a couple of min?

      • Sorry I had to go to school… and I was open at 10:30pm your time… Also I was just about to go to school, as it takes me an hour to get there 😉

        • Sorcha, can you open for a couple of min? I’ve 10 minutes left!!

          • Argh we’are always missing each other!!! 😥

            For the last chance I’ll be looking for your gates 7Pm my time 😉

  30. Shouldnt it have ended by now :L (: ? Sorry, i wanna see the results badly :L

    Whos was number 11? I love that design .

  31. sounds like such a rush!!! lol. but i know how you to feel

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