My newest hobby is to draw little pics of ACWW items, like they can be seen in your inventory. It’s fun but also quite time-consuming as I draw pixel by pixel xD. I’m not finished yet, so just check from time to time, if there are some new icons. 😉
Feel free to use/copy/save them but please leave a comment behind when doing so, that would be great 🙂 . (but ONLY from this Icons&pattern page pls!)

fruits: apple cherry orange peach pear coconut
golden tools: golden axe golden can golden net golden rod golden spade golden sling
tools: axe can net rod shovel sling watch
pansies: red pansy yellow pansy white pansy blue pansy purple pansy orange pansy
roses: red rose yellow rose white rose blue rose purple rose black rose orange rose pink rose golden rose
tulips: red tulip yellow tulip white tulip purple tulip black tulip pink tulip
cosmos: red cosmos yellow cosmos white cosmos black cosmos orange cosmos pink cosmos
other plants: clover dandelion puff dandelion jacob's ladder red turnip white turnip
sales ware: furniture carpet wallpaper glasses cap helmet shirt umbrella flowerbag medicine bottle message letter cedar sapling tree sapling
acorns: rotten acorn small acorn acorn round acorn large acorn
misc.: bones fossil gyroid can shoe tire pitfall present Ufo part note roman candle party popper
bells: 100 bells 1k bells 10k bells 99k bells
friends: Melissa Melissa Dini Dini Thea Thea

Ok, as you asked me for publishing my own self-designed patterns, here they are (although I feel a little embarassed about it – many pattern makers are so brilliant, especially the Japanese ones ^^).
Please click on the images to see them enlarged and with more details:

And they’re FREE to COPY!! xD

Hell carpet: Hell wallpaper:
Nook: Mabel:
Blather: Sable:
(for Julie)
(for Julie)
Pelly: Phyllis:
Tortimer: Katie:
(for teakitty)
Dr. Shrunk:
(for natnat)
Blue gate: Red gate:
Green gate: Beach towel:
Tile A: Tile B:
Tile C: Tile D:
Tile right: Tile down:
Tile left: Tile up:
Tile down
Tile down
Tile up
Tile up
Ground: Winter
Square grass: Square snow:
Circle grass: Circle snow:
(for Jaimee)
Triangle grass:
(for Samia&
Star snow:
Gyroid: Poop:
(for Jaimee)
(for Jaimee)
Big mush:
(for Jaimee)
(for Chip)
Black cat on:
(for elissa)
White turnip:
(for Jenny)
Trunk seat: Campfire:
Beach chair A:
(on wintergrd)
(for CR. CHIC)
Beach chair B:
(on wintergrd)
(for CR. CHIC)
Sheep A:
(Katrina style)
Sheep B:
(Katrina style)
(for Jaimee)
Bubbling water:
(for Jaimee)
Water with:
Ski trail:
Stone on:
star snow
(for Anonym.)
Step-stone A
on beach:
(for Demittria)
Step-stone B
on beach:
(for Demittria)
(for Sorcha)
(for Sorcha)
Blue Path:
(for Tammie)
Blue iced path:
(for creat. chic)
Orange Brick: Orange Brick:
(for Zoe)
Orange Path:
(for Tilly)
Blue Star Path:
(for Chip)
Star carpet:
(for Mikell8P)
Star wallpaper:
(for Mikell8P)
Flower Path:
(for Jenny)
Stone Path:
(for Someone)
Mossy Pebble
(for Candy)
Colourful Path:
(for Holliee)
Stone path:
(for Morgan)
Blue brick path:
(for Tilly)
Tropical path A:
(for Hailey)
Tropical path B:
(for Hailey)
Tropical path C:
(for Hailey)
Tropical path D:
(for Hailey)
Pool tile A: Pool tile B:
Diving board A: Diving board B:
Water stairs:
(for Shannara)
Jacuzzi A:
(for Yazz)
Jacuzzi B:
(for Yazz)
Jacuzzi D:
(for Yazz)
Jacuzzi C:
(for Yazz)
Pokemon water:
(for Damian)
Pokemon water:
(for Damian)
Pokemon water:
(for Damian)
Hedge path A:
(for Carli M.)
Hedge path B:
(for Carli M.)
Hedge path C:
(for Carli M.)
(for Elo)
(for Jaimee)
Fish shadow:
(for Anonym.)
(for CocaCola)
Mayu’s shirt: Miki’s shirt:
Mayu’s bikini: Miki’s bikini:
Yuki’s bikini: Haru’s bikini:
Green swimsuit:
(for Anastasia)
Basket with
eastereggs A:
(for Rose)
Basket with
eastereggs B:
(for Rose)
Snail A:
(for Tilly)
Snail B:
(for Tilly)
Snail C:
(for Tilly)
(for Icicle)
fence A:
(for Crystal)
fence B:
(for Michelle)
(for Icicle)
path B:
(for Lucy)
path C:
(for Lucy)
path D:
(all direc.)
Hot choc:
(for Anonym.)
(for teakitty)
Clover on
(for Lucky)
Rabbit hole:
(for Lola)
Sold out!
(for Rory)
Blue berry
(for teakitty)
(for becci)
Tea table:
(for Mikell)
Cheshire Cat:
(for Lola)
(for Beth)
L (Ryuzaki):
(for adam)
(for kira)
Lullaby Flag:
(for Jaimee)
Altwood Flag:
(for Zoe)
Puerto Rico:
(for Nicole)
Pansy Flag:
(for kenzie)
Blue Pansy
(for Damian)
Lua Nova
(for Hollie)
(for elissa)
(for Chip)
(for Julie)
(for krista)
(for kenzie)
Fun town
(for brett)
(for Adam)
(for Rosalie)
(for emily)
(for Liam)
Cactus Flag:
(for real madrid)
WWAG Flag:
Volterra Flag:
(for Holliee)
Windia Flag:
(for Tilly)
(for Demmitria)
(for del)
Tokyo!! Flag: Hoenn Flag:
(for Damian)
Hipponia Flag:
(for Kylee)
Clearing Flag:
(for Jaimee)
Hotel Resort:
(for elo999)
(for Anotherday-
Laketown Flag:
(for heather)
Mirkwood Flag:
(for Samia)
Dessau Flag:
(for Rebecca2)
Sunnset Flag:
(for becci)
NewBark Flag:
(for Ace)
kiplopy Flag:
(for holly)
Sakura Flag:
(for Hana)
Müritz Flag:
(for Rebecca7)
Rainbowx Flag:
(for Elo)
Paris Flag:
(for hailwin)
Elysion Flag:
(for Paige)
Narnia Flag:
(for Jenny)
TTown Flag:
(for blue99)
Oakville Flag:
(for Daniel)
Lakeland Flag:
(for Lucy)
Nintendo Flag:
(for Weasel)
Spice Flag:
(for Sorcha)
Mew Minto:
(for Kenzie)
Rosy Garden
(for Rose)
Stornway Flag:
(for Daniel)
Deep Sea
(for Arina)
Fun City
(for Maddison)
Bexx Flag:
(for Becca)
Vesuvius: Miki:
Hailey: Tina:
Thea: Hailey2:
Georgiie: Roi:
Lauren: Theresa:
Topia: Tapia:
Alan: Alfie:
Eileen: Julia:
Michela: Melissa:
Michela2: Jess:
Jasmin: Thea2:
Kurt: Célia:
in ACCF:
Petal: Floss:
Lolli: Cindy:
Kyle: Louise:
Sorrel: Rusty:
Kaya: Lilli:
Liv: Mery:
Bibiii: Sorrel2:
Dylan: Hazel:
Norbie: Tilly:
Rebecca: Mashi:
Old gregg: Leaves:
Mixie: Tilly2:
Rikki: Xana:
Nicole: Dawn:
Jaimee: Emmy:
Hermione: Chip:
Sarah: Cookie:
Tammie: Kelsey:
Cody: Amy:
Jadia: Sorcha:
Damian: Hailey
(for Jaimee):
Emily: Herti-pi:
Bubb: Rosalie:
Posie: Jane:
Misty: Krista:
Happi/Cindy: Candy:
Kenzie: Shania♥ :
LUCY: Adam:
Mashy2: Sean:
inhyru97: Samia:
Jaimee: Mikell:
CocaCola: ally:
Hana: Lola:
Cherri: Elo:
Emil42: Rose:
Mayzie: Matt:
Harriet: Bailey:
Allie: Rebecca3:
Anstasia: Nici:
Sorcha2: Bob:
Emseely: Rebecca7:
Icy King: Rory:
Ulli: Hannah:
Dom: Sonia:
Danaé: Jake:
Alice: ♪Toph♪:
Lilac: Tammy:
Erin: Ashleigh:
(for Janes)
(for CocaCola)
(for Zoe♥Claire)

Not my own designs but patterns that I’ve found in the web and aren’t available there anymore or designs where the owner allowed me to show it to you ^^:

Water: Flying Cloud:
Pebbles in
(for sean)
Presents on
(for Jaimee)
Reindeer A:
(for Jaimee)
Present in
(for Jaimee)
Reindeer B:
(for Jaimee)
Reindeer C:
(for Jaimee)
Frog in water:
Frog on bridge:
Sofia N♥:
edited by me
(for Nicole)
edited by me
(for Nicole)
Wood log:
edited by Candy
Flat wood:
Blue flower:
Bella Lamb:
Star City
(for Damian)
Seanvil Flag
(for sean)
Paradise Flag
Paradise Flag
Silver path
Fatty Brenda
Mitsukyo flag:

Wendell’s patterns:

Click on the picture to get on the page where I’ve listed all available Wendell’s patterns in ACWW 🙂


  1. Wow Beautfiul thanks you very much!!♥

  2. danke

  3. Can you do Kero please? I’ll leave a link =)

  4. That’s beautiful thanks (-:

  5. Can you make an patter with dobermans ?

  6. Can you please do me a flag for my town? The name is La Selva. Can the background be a beach with a turtle or something? It’s okay if you don’t want to do it though…

  7. […] I also have this pattern I found on Mayu’s Pattern Page 😀 […]

  8. Do you have the other ones of this? https://myacwwdiary.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/hedgepatha.jpg
    I’ve managed to turn it to get the horizontals and the corner one to all corners, but do you just have the plan floor pattern and the inner corners?

  9. you play acww over wifi?

    • Me to!

  10. I do

  11. Hi Mayu! Könntest du für mich eine Stadtflagge entwerfen? Meine Stadt heißt: New York
    Danke schon im Vorraus!! :*

  12. Wonderful! Thankyou soo much!

  13. […] pattern was not created by me, It can be found on Mayu’s blog (along with a huge amount of other patterns created by her and by other players). Wow, that was a lot of links but I really can’t praise […]

  14. These are really good, thanks :3 Would you be able to do one for my town? The town name is ‘Orange’ (don’t ask..) and I just want an orange really ^.^

    If you do, then thank you very very much!!

  15. you have an amazing talent! 😮 if possible, do you think you could make some patterns for my Moon-Kingdom inspired town? it can be a road, flag, miscellaneous pattern or anything! anything you make is gorgeous so. if you don’t, that’s fine too. thanks anyway 🙂

  16. You are the best ACWW designer EVER!

    • She is, isn’t she?

  17. Anonymous:You are the best ACWW designer EVER!
    This is by the same person: friend code-5158-3351-4369
    So can you friend me? It would be cool if you did. I never played with anybody over Wi-Fi before so what is your friend code?
    You are AWESOME!
    And your ACWW character probably looks good
    My town is normal and is not themed

  18. Wow, all of these are incredible! Ate you taking requests at the moment? If not, that’s cool. Keep up the good work!

  19. Hey, if any of u have animal crossing new leaf, I would love to have ur friend codes on acww & acnl

  20. And, I LOVE ur patterns!!!! Ur amazing!!!!

  21. Amazing!*gasps*

  22. That’s awesome, thanks *-*


  24. i might use those icon things if thats ok with you

  25. Could you do a pattern of me?
    I look like Jane only I have a orange bun.Could you put me in a deep blue tee with a blue ribbon please?

  26. very good 0_o

  27. I used one of the paradise flags for my town in animal crossing new leaf!! And I also used the Blue Path too!! 🙂

  28. Hi , could you do a flag for my town called Looe? If you could then make one that says Loose infront of a sunset 🙂 But if you can’t, don’t worry.

  29. I meant looe in front of a sunset lol!

  30. could you do a Blanca pixel

  31. I am leaving a comment so i can use ones of your player pixels to change if thats all right

  32. I want a request, if it’s OK with you. If so, I would like a Rodeo or Filbert design.

  33. Wonderful patterns! If possible, could you make an “elbow” connection piece for the wooden fences? Thank you for these!

  34. Hi can you make me a flag for my town please? My town is called Shantaki which translates to Beautiful Lake.
    Thanks x

  35. Hi! I just want to say that I think your designs are really clever! And I think your town is really nice! And it is so nice that you have best friends! I have a few of those as well but the thing that I am asking is that you make a town flag for me please. I know your not making anymore but I mean can I choose a town flag from the designs that you have already made please! Thanks. xx

  36. I actually think that you do really good patterns. Waaaaaaaaay better than me. By the way, do you have a pattern for going around the edge of a pool?

  37. Could you please make a savage dog pattern? It’s cool if you don’t, but I would really enjoy it. Thanks!

  38. I love all your designs! They are all so cool! Could you maybe make a pit bull dog? I’ve been wanting one of those for years. It’d be cool if I could at least have it on my DS. Thanks!

  39. I used to go on Animal Crossing a lot, but since last year some time I kinda stopped. I restarted my life on there but didnt make another life. I now want to get back into it and I want to thank you because you have helped me want to get back into this. And not just you but everyone on here talking about their towns, it makes me want to talk about it too!
    So thank you everyone!

    • Hey im getting back too!! Awesome how far in are u im just about to get nook way and i have the first house upgrade things are awesome in my town my old one was flouded with weeds and it was in really bad condition all the residents were mean to so i restarted. Now i have the gold shovel and the neighbours are nice!! If u want tips i can tell u all sorts! Im pretty well an acww nerd lol

  40. hey, nice blog. your designs are really cool 😀 and thanks for posting the, im gonna use some of them to give more life to my town!

  41. Can you make me a flag that says Honolulu?

  42. I tryed the star city was it? Its soo cool

  43. There is certainly a great deal to know about this issue.
    I like all the points you made.

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  45. Heeyyyy! I don’t know if you still use this haha but I was wondering if you had a friend code because I want to level up my nook shop thank you adios

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    that purpose, and get the most recent information.

  49. Super cool.

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