Posted by: Mayu | September 19, 2010

Rafflesia in Funky town!

Ohh it has been a while when I’ve met Meow on ACWW the last time. And I totally missed her birthday, so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you again, dear Meow! 😀 😉
I hope you had a great day!
So I was quite happy tonight that I’ve found some time to play and to see her gates open where of course I immediately went through to meet her.

I was surprised by this big flower near the townhall 😯 . A Rafflesia!!
Meow accidently changed her DS time to 2011 and so she had weeds all over the town but also this cool rafflesia!

Luckily none of her most important neighbours moved away and she got some help in deweeding her town, but it was still very empty when you compare it to the town she had before with loads of beautiful flowers!

After visiting her neighbours I reminded all the spare flowers behind my townhall and I got a nice birthday present idea!

I just brought all my spare ones to her town and Meow was really happy about it! Yay! Finally I got rid of my tons of flowers and made someone else happy, that’s perfect lol! 😆

See you soon again, dear Meow! 😀



  1. poor Meow! hope you got lots of de-weeding from mayu, did u not?

  2. oh and happy birthday

  3. thats a good friend for you

  4. on my blog i have photos of my chara! 😀

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