My Best Moments

I always wanted to do a whole page about my best/funniest/craziest moments in ACWW 😀
Have fun! 😉

My special moments
My first pic of my blog Beautiful cherry blossom time
The biggest turnip price I’ve seen Haru caught the last fish of all 4 charas
Annoying Wifi!!! CHEERS!!
My first 100mio bells! I love fireworks
My beloved hell room :mrgreen: Yay, snowmen!!
Gulliver… again! sigh xD

Weird neighbours
EEEEEEK in German lol EEEEEEK in English 😛
Weird Resetti 😯 SHHH! Calm down doggy!
Sexy Nook!!! (♥o,♥) Aurora needs attention
My beloved sheeps

My funny friends
Alfie and Hanna monster Fidgety Vesuvius
Turnip butts with Alfie Sophie’s blue eyes xD
Great helmet design of Smokie Emöke: Never mind…

Super tired Claire Nude Geli lol
Bed bumping with Liv Scaaary Louise
Eileen ♥ Stitches Emöke ♥ Manneken Pis
Poor fainted Sorrel Horst on cushion
Uberhungry Megan Mangagirl Kate
Franzi/Noni/Haru monster Gay Smokie 😆
Huhu, Matt!! xP All in a row
Louise stuck on toilet Knoob flying over sofa
Sorrel’s concentrated flipback Blathers ♥ Meow
Nico, let Dolly go!!! It’s bedtime, Meow!!
Pitfall fun with Julia Sexy dress alert!
Our darling Nico Emmy’s grilled shark
Two genies of a bottle Party with Jaimee
Hurtful head banging Wolfie’s & Luke’s wedding

Funny Glitches
Flying snowball Flying clover
Rotating fainting lights Too big bear
Flying Tilly

Fun moments
Bug competition Fireworks
Netfighting Party Poppers
Head bumping Catching fish


  1. 100.000.000 bells. 100.000.000 BELLS! I tought I was rich with 3.2 million…

  2. HEYYY! m-m-mayu haws it shakin bacon! heehee.

  3. how do you take pictures

    • 1. Get a camera. If you don’t have one, buy one or use your phone if it has a camera on it.
      2. Turn it on. If camera does not turn on, it has either run out of battery or is broken. If it has run out of battery, charge it or get a new battery and wait till fully charged. If it is broken, fix it and if that fails, get a new one. This may take some time as cameras are pretty expensive.
      3. Once the lens is in focus, press whatever button allows you to capture the moment.

    • Fine a camera
      Take the photo
      Upload it/ napster it

  4. also does anyone know mayu’s fc i also would like to go to someones town and have fun

    • Mayu: 3866-4327-6650 (German adults)
      Yuki: 2406-1595-1074 (International adults)
      Haru: 0344-8204-7612 (German kids + adults)
      Miki: 2922-0581-5572 (International kids)

  5. Soo awesome and really funny!

  6. Hi, this is Star, I wanted to tell Mayu that I think her blog is SUPER AWESOME!


  7. Cool!
    I gave you 5 apples!

  8. I remember most of these memories haha! Shame my ds game broke+i never got round to getting a new one:( hopefully you’ll get accf soon because I’m a loner in bluebay haha!

  9. i agrree louise on toylet + mannekin pis + nude + nook butt arent really ”porn”

  10. hi i’m poor *sob* my person in animal crossing of course


  12. soz about dat comment(!)

  13. bOBSKI

  14. I love ur blog

  15. i like the fishing picture

  16. ok mayu ur not coming back, your never coming back i miss you and your my ac idol i ❤ ur talent and patitence if your reading this comment u need to remember mayu is a adult, she has kids and suprisingly to some of you a life outside of acww i miss you so much and all i want is for you to post one comment to say your ok …….. 🙂

  17. I’m very pleased to discover this web site. I need to to thank you for your time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and i also have you bookmarked to look at new stuff in your site.

  18. Hi I absolutely love your blog I liked it! Can you like mine? It’s ACWW one thanks!


  19. Hast du einen Cheat hergenommen, oder warum hast du so tolle sachen??

  20. When is Mayu coming back? I wonder if she plays Aniamal Crossing New Leaf?

  21. Hey Katrina what is your website called i will like it!!

  22. I am only just into paying my mortgage and you have a mansion and 100mill bells! I only have the third room… getting the forth tomorrow… gutting much! 😦 xx

  23. Cool

  24. pf T pouri connard

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