Posted by: Mayu | August 11, 2008

Did you know… (part 17: neighbour’s pic)

…that “No sweet without sweat” would exactly describe the effort to get the neighbour’s pic?

Thea asked me to do a guide for this and ok here it is.
So what have we to do to make neighbours our friends?

1. Talk to them daily

Just go to all neighbours and have a little chat with them. When they are sick, buy medecine and give it to them, they’ll appreciate you for this. All townies might give you little jobs like giving letters or presents to other townies, just obey them and do it as soon as you can. Also be always kind and praise them, never be rude (but that’s obvious XD)

2. Buy items for them
When they ask you for clothes, fossils or furniture, give the desired objects to them:

3. Don’t forget arranged meetings

Sometimes they ask you whether they can visit you. Of course you have to say yes and just settle a time, when you have best time for him, but don’t forget it. They will send you a letter later and most of the time a present in it when they were pleased by the visit. (mine are even pleased although my room is messed up with turnips XD )

4. Wave to them sometimes

You can wave to them by tapping with the stylus on them from a distance 😉 . When they bow to you your friendship isn’t very good yet, but when they wave with one hand, they honestly like you and the chance to get a pic is really high. This theory seems to be wrong, it depends on their personality if they would bow or wave 😉

5. Write letters with gifts

I’m almost too lazy to do this but they will ask you for a letter when they want one. Then I force myself to write a letter, put a present into it and they will be happy.

So when you did a lot of things to them how do you know they like you really? Indications for that are:
they wave back when you wave to them
– when you delivered a letter, the receiver shows you the letter
– they say to you kind things like “we should go in twin look in town”
– they even give you hints like “do you know that I’ll give photos to my best friends?” but won’t do it yet

What I do next is…
standing in a corner, where neighbours won’t see you that easily XD LOL, really!!

Wait for about 10~15 minutes (I always shut my lid during that time)

Now when you open the DS after those minutes be aware. Don’t talk to the neighbours as they are going to talk to you as soon as they see you!!

Once they spotted you a ting-a-ling can be heard and you see above their heads a “!” or four lines like “\ | | /”
The “!”‘s are a good sign that you might get a picture, but most of the times they want you to buy carpets or wallpapers or shirts from them (do it anyway xD ).
So they run to you and are waiting for that you start talking to them:

Do it with all neighbours who are walking outside, because you can only get pics from those, who are walking around the town not from those who are inside a house. When no one gave you a pic, just go back to the corner where you can wait another 15 minutes and restart this procedure.

And tadaa, I was really lucky this evening and got a pic from Pinky!! XD

That’s what I do to get my neighbour’s pic 😉

Please tell me more hints and tipps when you do other things like me, I’m curious about that ^^ Perhaps there’s an easier way to get it?



  1. I want Roscoe and Camofrogs pic
    😦 im sad because Elvis and Rasher have moved from my town and have been replaced by Roscoe And Camofrog (oh well at least there cute) LOL

    • ^^ Good luck with the photos! I also like Rasher a lot, his scar face is sooo cool xD

      • Rasher in my town x-)

  2. If a Snooty character comes to talk to you and asks if you have siblings you should reply “I don’t know”. Then she will ask you something else and you should answer “You go, girl”. That way she will give you her picture even if you are not friends with her =D (Some kind of glitch, I guess)
    Also, if you are trying to get a Lazy character’s picture, be sure to talk to him with an empty space oin your inventory, because if he comes t give you his picture but is not able to do so, he may “think” that he’s already given it to you and you won’t be able to get his picture later.

  3. Ohh interesting Juseh. I think I never had such a conversation, (I was never asked for siblings…) and yes you’re right. It’s always important to have at least one space free when the neighbours come to you to talk 😉

  4. ohhh danke…jetzt weiß ich es endlich…aba ein problem habe ich den Blumen..:(
    Muss ich die neben einander pflanzen oda wie??
    Kannst du mir das bitte noch mal erklären??
    Alsoo ich bekomme bald auch wifi und wollte dich fragen ob du dich dann mit mir verbinden willst?
    Ich würde mich echt freuen..dir meine stadt zu präsentieren..hoffe du schreibst zurück..:)
    Liebe Grüße..Lea

  5. Pierce gave me his pic!
    but i wanted auroras but o well………

  6. I talk to Mitzi everyday and she keeps hinting to me that “sometimes, when someone is my very best friend, I’ll give them a special gift”, but nothing happened yet! 😦 Is there anything else I can do? I’ve done everything in this guide except for the waiting 15 minutes part. I don’t get it. Could you possibly explain it better?

    • to lightshine: the 15 minutes waiting part is just that I walk to a corner (mostly I’m going to the beach area where neighbours don’t come that easily), shut my lid for 15 min and then open again and walk around so neighbours are going to start talking with me again (with the ! or \||/ above the head). When every neighbour who’s walking around have talked me and I still didn’t get a photo, I’ll go back again to the corner and shut my lid for another 15 min. Then same procedure as before… 😉

  7. Be patient, it takes a LONG time… lol

  8. But how does that work? Sometimes I run around and the animal has the ! or the \||/ on its head, but when I wait for a long time, it starts to walk away. How do you get the photo from that?

    • Ohh when they ran to you and are waiting for you you have to talk to them though xD. Just click A to speak to them 😳

  9. They don’t always give you there picture either, that’s also when they ask for a new catchphrase or special greeting, or buy something off them etc.

  10. Hey guys, guess what? On Friday, I finally got Mitzi’s Pic!! Yaaay!! *dances around the room* I displayed it proudly in my Exotic Room. :mrgreen:

    • Well done!! 😀

  11. OMG I LUV PINKY!!!

    • PINKY IS SUCH A GLITCH!!!! Everytime i talk to her, she freezes my game. At first I thought it was my gamnes cuz its very old, but now it keeps happening! I HATE PINKY!!!!!

      • Hi Quinn, thanks for visiting my blog.
        And that’s an annoying glitch! 😦 So your game freezes only when you talk to Pinky? To other neighbours nothing happens? Then I would hope Pinky is going to move very quickly from your town xP.

  12. cool

  13. ugh i want mitzis pic and carolines pic!!! ughhh! XP oh and i think opal is going to give another pic of her to one of my other charas lol:lol:

  14. that means ill probably be getting Pudge`s picture

  15. its really annoying when they say
    o lets be best buddies!
    (yes, yes, go on…)
    (o crap -.-)

    • LOL

  16. lol i looked at what pinky was saying and umm…
    KNOFI?? lol

    • yep, means ‘garlic’ in German slang lol

      • slang for garlic…. uh huh…

  17. Hey Umm… is there a way to get a pic of sable and mable? i really want a pic of them for my house call me a fanboy of them ^^;

  18. How long does this method take for you until you get their pic?
    I send letters and apples to my neighbours every day, and do everything else you said, and it takes about 5-7 days. But I think maybe I’m wasting my effort sending them letters when they don’t ask for them >_>
    (Btw, is it bad to accept a challenge, but not find a fish/bug before you have to turn off your DS? I have to do that a lot :P)

    • Oh then you’re quite quick Teru ^^ I would be glad if I get their pics after a week. Well, I’m too lazy to write them letters, so it’s obvious that they come out with a picture after a month or even longer in my town xP
      But writing letters is really a good way to get their pics, even if they don’t ask for it 🙂
      And yes, I also have to quit a lot of challenges because I had to turn off before I could complete it lol. But I don’t think that this will be a bad point for you… 😉

      • Haha, I wouldn’t bother sending so many letters if it weren’t for the free furniture I get in return =P
        But, wow, it seems to make a big difference! (Oh, but now that I think about it, many times they ask me for letters, even though I have been writing to them every day.)

        • Just remember one thing
          Sometimes I write them TOO many letters (when I’m sending furniture for their house.)

          In the letter you get back, they say you have a terrible handwriting and that they dont understand the “ljshdfgilsag”-language 😉 I don’t think that Improves your picture-relation very much 😆

          • Haha when I sent letters with presents to them I mostly write nothing, just a blank letter and it looks that they don’t get mad about it xD

  19. So far, I’ve only got Biskit’s pic (Biskit is a dog)
    and now I am after Nibbles’ pic or Olivia’s or
    Limberg’s (have to wait a while for him, he’s only
    just moved in).

    But I wonder why when someone moves out
    of my town, it takes over a week for a newbie to come in. Once, someone moved away from my
    town(Camofrog) and I had actually thought he
    had been replaced, until I walked into the house
    to that he used to live in,to find out that Olivia
    had only just got here. You see, I thought Melba
    had replaced Camofrog, but Melba had replaced
    Antonio, who had done a runner over a fortnight
    ago. So it had taken Olivia 12 days to come to
    my town.

    Another thing. I thought I would go and see Nibbles. But when I got into her house, she had
    her boxes packed and ready to move. But what
    was weird was that her head was pumping out
    smoke(angry) and she was stomping around. I
    have never seen this case before and I didn’t think they could be mad inside there own house
    without anything happening before. What was going on?

    Yea, I downloaded Blanca once. She came to my
    town. I changed her face. Went to bed. Next day,
    she was in my town again.Why? I didn’t download
    her twice? And she is stopping other visitors
    coming to my town.

    • Hmm that’s really weird that it takes that long to get a new neighbour. I’ve heard a lot about this reason: Do you clean up every day your town? Because they don’t like to move in when there’s still a lot of weeds in there. But once you’ve picked up a few of the weeds, a new neighbour should move in the next day 😉

      And about Blanca, once you said yes to welcome her she’ll get into the town as soon as you’re connecting to Wifi again. So after each gates opening or looking for gates, you’ll get Blanca. I already have disabled this function a long time ago, because as you have said, she blocks the other visitors to come into your town 😉

  20. Thats a real help to me.

  21. I managed to save Chief from doing a runner
    and this morning he gave me his pic!

    • Yay, lucky you!! 😀

  22. i’ve been playing for about a month now and hadent realised it is that hard to get a pic. Thanks heaps Mayu!!!!

    • Thanks Brooka!!! for your comment, you made me happy 🙂

      • im glad i did!!

  23. OMG i got Jitters and Blares (i think thats right spelling) pic without even trying!!! then i got daisys the next day after i read this!!!
    PS: My gates are open right now

    • Haha, lucky you!! xD That’s awesome!

      • I got Annabelles now!!

        • Well done! 😀

  24. Hey MAyu I wonder if you can get neighbors pics in another town, like if I went to Mitsukyo alll the time and became good friends with one of your neighbour then do you think they’d give me their picture in their house??? Weeird, haha see ya soon!

    • No, Candy, I don’t think that this will work xP
      Because, they normally only give their pics, when they’re walking outside their house. But when you visit another friend’s town, they always stay at home to talk to you 😉
      And to get a pic, THEY have to start a conversation with you, also impossible over Wifi or DS to DS 😉
      Another thing is, that they like to tend to forget you, even when you visited him just the day before, I had that several times that they don’t remember who I was lol.

  25. Mayu, in the last picture, where your blushing, it looks like you have a leaf for an arm!!!!!! LOL =)

    • LOL you’re right, this is really a weird pic anyway, me sitting on a turnip is not very cute xP

  26. how many days or months or min. did it take u to get the pic.?

    • Ummm I’m playing my game for more than 3 years now, so it took neither days, months or minutes, but years! 😛

  27. i know the best way to make ur freinds stay in town
    when they say i might move
    send them a few letters and uhave a more likely chance they will stay

    • you can also talk to them loads until they say so maybe i should sleep on it for a while or something like that then they will stay. 😀

  28. woo! i got cubes pic last night….

    i stayed up all night trying to get a pic 🙂

    • Congrats! ^^

      • thanks!

    • ok this is really wierd but when i last talked to cube he said hey are you taking care of my picture and he didnt even give me his pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Is this a GLITCH???!!!

  29. i have richi ,too

  30. cool now i gotta get whitney’s anyone have a mint gigham top i seriously need it

    • i do but i dont have wifi 😥
      they are easy to get just skip every day till u get one
      y do u need it?

  31. I got Apollo’s pic! 🙂 And I figured out that if a neighbor really doesn’t like you, when you wave to them, they close their eyes, make a mad face and toss their head to the side! XD

    • Yes I also noticed that after I’ve bothered a neighbour for almost an hour (I talked A LOT to him, pushed him around just for fun xDD) and then when I waved to him, he made an angry noise, and looked very mad to me xDD Sooo funny!

  32. I got Drift’s pic, Rasher’s, and Olivia’s. I’m trying to get Bree’s! 🙂

    • hi kittykat, long time no see! 🙂
      Good job with the neighbour pics ^^, I love Rasher xDD

  33. Ive gotten rods pic in my 10 town witch was a long time ago 🙂

  34. i got bree’s pic!!! 🙂

    • Congrats! 😀

  35. I have Roscoe and Phyllis pic 🙂

  36. I have a good method

    Send 24 letters(with presents) to the villager saying:

    “Hello (3-5 letter name)! How are you?(enter sign)

    “Hey (6-7 letter name)! How are you?(enter sign)

    Hi(8 letter name)! How are you?(enter sign)

    and then talk to them, and after that, go to one corner of your town and shut your DS for 15 min. After that, find them and they should give it to you. If not, wait more. If you have any problems with this, reply

  37. awesome

  38. Just got tangys and savannahs

  39. Just talking to them daily seems to work for me I’ve had my town for about a month and I’ve already got 5 pics.

  40. Do you have a black ds like me,Mayu?

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