Posted by: Mayu | July 15, 2008

Did you know… (part 15: tanning season)

…that tanning season begins tomorrow on July 16th?

Yay, I’ve been waiting for that, last year was really fun to see my chara getting tanned more and more.
The trick is to be outside while the sun is shining as much as you can. (from 10AM to 4 PM) The more you’re outside the more tanned you get 😉 .

See my progress from last year:
at July 19th I was still very white:

while my friend Geli was a little tanned, you can see the difference.

July 21th:

Yay, I see a little tan on my skin

July, 23rd:

That’s a good tan! I like it 😉 Ina was even darker.

July, 29th:

The darkest brown, now I look like Nook XD

As you can see it takes a while to get that dark, so be patient. Another trick: when you’re busy and can’t play ACWW just start your game, put your chara at the beach or somewhere else in town and shut your lid (game still on), this works also quite good but you’ll have more effect when you’re playing actively 😉 .
The tanning season ends on September 15th, so enough time to get brown 😀



  1. i hate tans…

  2. How do you make it go away? Because I dont want mine anymore

  3. lol u use an umbrella ^^ and u can stay out at night ^^ so yh lol mew! XD X3

  4. Is the tan temporary?

    • I think so.

  5. I was working on a fruit orchard today and got a tan. Now I look like Dora the Explorer..

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