Posted by: Mayu | August 30, 2010

Visiting Andre from Stadt & evening full of wifi crashes

This afternoon I’ve read on my blog that Rory is in Andre’s town Stadt and as I also had some spare time I decided to join them ^^

Andre’s town is a cool town with a huge path and lots of flowers 🙂
And hi Rory ^^

For guests he has even prepared some presents, how nice! He asked me to choose one and I got a totem pole in it, coool! :mrgreen:

Wow, what a gorgeous flag! Btw ‘Stadt’ means town in German 😉

Andre guided Rory and me to the right side of his town where you can find flowers and flowers and flowers!! Lol! That looked really pretty! 😀

Both intended to show me some bugs on this pic 😆

I also liked Andre’s house a lot. This kitchen in his main room was awesome!
Rory and I had a lot of fun messing around with all the machines there xD

He has LOADS of neighbour pics in his house, well done! 😀

This was also an interesting room. As it’s summer it is beach-themed and Andre says that the room changes according to the seasons. Neat! 🙂

Thanks for the fun in your town, Andre! I enjoyed it a lot ^^

The evening was filled with lots and lots of Wifi crashes, we hardly had time to play together, every 5 minutes Resetti spoiled our fun 👿
So I only have a few pictures of the friends I’ve met up, but so far there were:

Rory ^^

An nice new friend called Abby, nice to meet you! Unfortunately I don’t have a better pic of her, hopefully we’ll meet up very soon again 😉

Lynette♥ who had lots and lots of trouble to get into other towns without error codes, she was the unluckiest girl of this evening xP

Finally we decided to go all to Lynette♥’s town. Rory and me just came through.

When a friend of her, Kitty, also dropped by Wifi had to crash another time, sigh! -.-

But – we had a lovely time in my chatroom, I really laughed a lot and it was big fun talking to you all 🙂
See you soon again! 😀



  1. im sorry about that…

  2. Lynette’s town looks diffrent now.I went there today so I know,

  3. yeah nice flag and stuff.

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