Posted by: Mayu | March 1, 2009

BBQ fun in Mitsukyo

This evening my visitors were Alex (that’s Nico’s sub chara) and Sorrel ^^.
Louise and Liv also visited me for a short while but they didn’t come back when Wifi suddenly crashed again and I haven’t taken pics from the 5 min before, sorry about that. 😦

So you’re playing the next times only with Alex, Nico? Should the others add him too?

We all went fishing for our BBQ xD But soon after this pic Nico had to go home 😉

Sorrel also caught something from the river.

Then we grilled them above the BBQ xD :P. Yummy, that was delicious!

Let’s have a dessert in my fruit room.

And of course also a sweet little nap. Haaa, such a relaxing evening…

Then we had to say good bye. Sleep well dear Sorrel 😉



  1. I can still taste the yumminess of that grilled fish… mmmmm…. xp

    Again sometime is a must


  2. OMIGOSH! NICO that guy he looks like me on ACWW 😀 haha lol 😛

  3. Hehehe xD

  4. omg norbie and alex r twins norbie even wears paw shirt

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