Posted by: Mayu | February 10, 2009

What a funny evening…

… I had today xD. I had many nice visitors and actually we haven’t done a lot in my town but chit-chatting and I laughed a lot during the evening LOL.

Kyle was the first one and soon after him Julia came for a visit! Yaaay, it’s so nice to see you again Julia, I really missed you in the past few weeks 😉

Nyuu can be seen behind my back but she had to leave soon. Thx anyway for your visit 😉

Hehe I gave Kyle two 4-leaf-clovers. Really fascinating that they are that brown on the ground and soon as you pick it – tadaaa- it’s revived and full of green life xD

Nico at the left joined us ^^

Awww crying baby Nico~~~ LOL :mrgreen:

*giggle* While Kyle and Julia were afk, Nico and I had some Punk moments lol

Look at Kyle’s angry face! 😯 Ohohoho, Nico is crying again! 😆 xP

In the end Sophie came also for a visit and I learned two new words from Kyle and Sophie: oatmeal and puppy cut! 😆 Thanks a lot! 😉



  1. i just had a thought!
    i wonder if when you use the crying emotion, does it water flowers?

    • I don’t think so Kyle lol but you can try it out 😉

  2. thanks for staying up waiting for me! and i get the time change now..its 5 and a half hours difference 🙂

  3. mayu just curious what does afk mean? like u use it alot but i never know what it is or what u use it for 😦

  4. Lilli, it’s
    that is, if you bothered to google it like Michela did!

  5. hehe not bothered and anyways you just told me why bother ❓

  6. sorry that didnt make any sence

    • liv asked the same before not lilli, charcoalgal 😉

      to lilli: sorry that I used this afk so much xD I didn’t want to confuse you 😉

      to Albany: thanks for your visit! I really enjoyed it and I hope to see you soon again ^^

  7. I didn’t know what it was either until you guys answered it 😕

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