Posted by: Mayu | June 12, 2008

6 mysterious monkeys

Today my son’s friend Timo visited us and as his Nook offered a nice price I went to his town to sell my turnips. 🙂

Yes, very nice indeed :mrgreen:

And that was not the only good thing in his town. He bought recently Action Replay and with the help of this he let moved the 6 mysterious monkeys into his town Amerika. They used to be very seldom in ACWW, also known as the “secret” monkeys which normally were only available at download stations like for example at Toy’R-Us. But due to the fact, that Action Replay became quite common among ACWW players they can be seen quite often here and there. And sometimes one of them even moves to your town.
So I’ll introduce you the 6 monkeys:

Tammi/Bonni                                               Monty/Daniel

Nana/Dorothea                                         Simon/Simon

Elise/Steffi                                                 Champ/Tschita

Thanks for letting me see them Timo 🙂



  1. Cool!

  2. I’ve heard of the monkeys, but never seen them all. The only one that I ever saw was Champ, who was on the Animal Crossing movie. That’s really cool to have all of them in one town. ^^

  3. I’ve just realised! Nana, in german is Dorothea – it’s got Thea in it!

  4. yes, Thea in German is almost the short form of Dorothea 😉

  5. In the the Animal Crossing: City Folk trailer, it shows a clip of a character talking to Tammi…
    I don’t think they would show secret event stuff in an early trailer, so does this mean the monkeys won’t be secret in ACCF?

    • Yes it does. For Animal Crossing, Wild World, you could only get monkeys at some conzention thing in New York. Yes, you COulD. I have bought Animal Crossing City Folk, and I instantly got Champ….

  6. That last comment was by me, btw.

  7. What’s so sepcial about them?

  8. I don’t know xD. At first they were only available from download stations like in Toys R us, so therefore very seldom. But now with the help of Action Replay, they became really common, so nothing really special about it anymore 😉

  9. niiiiiccccccccccccccccccccce

  10. I hacked my neighbors. just goto, search Animal Crossing Wild World Cheat Codes, and there you go. Millions of codes that I’d say all work.

    -Go gO PONCHO

    • i use that site, because that site is written on the back of the AR box!!!!!

  11. Aww shoot, Tammie moved ino my twn on accf and I reset 😥

    • Ohhhh, poor you! 😦
      I’ve also heard that you can get the monkeys in ACCF like normal other neighbours too, is that right? That would make them not special anymore, and I think it’s not bad about it 😉

  12. I have Nana in my town!!!!!!!! (i didn’t use AR to get her, i was just lucky!)

    • Hey, that’s great 🙂

    • I have never seen anyone get monkeys without Action Replay

  13. its so hard getting a monkey because i have never got one in animal crossing wild world but my sister has simon and she used to have monty in animal crossing city folk but monty moved

    • You can get it with a flashcart, though…

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