Posted by: Mayu | May 29, 2008

Did you know… (part 3: weather forecast)

…that your TV is showing you the ACWW weather of tomorrow?

This seems to be true, so if you’re interested whether it’s raining the next day or not, you may watch the weather forecast on TV at following times:

6.45 AM
7.45 AM (from Monday – Saturday)
11.45 AM
6.45 PM
10.45 PM
11.45 PM (Saturday + Sunday)



  1. Oooh, that’s very helpful info! 😀

  2. The “Did you know…?” – Series ist awsome! XD
    2 years of ACWW and i never noticed this! lol

    MfG, Groo – The Wanderer ( Oh yea! That should be
    my acww Name…XD )

  3. Lol, thanks Groo and Melissa!
    I hope I’ll find more secrets in the game 😛

  4. Do you know what the music is that plays on the weather reports? I’ve been looking all over and I’m sure it’s a K.K. song, but I can’t seem to find it…

  5. Oh, I didn’t care about it, next time I’ll hear closer to it… 🙂

  6. That screen looks like the weather channel on the Wii !!

  7. It’s kinda wierd … I’ve got it for like 2 years too and also never noticed this =]

    Btw you rock!!!

  8. 😆 I just noticed that you posted this post on my birthday!! 😀

  9. 😆 How cool! xD

  10. hhow do i get a tv???

    • never saw one? Just look at Nooks shop, there are many tv’s available through the themes or as a single item, on this pic it’s a TV from the mush theme

  11. Mayu i have like bin looking but it is always just like some faraway important person.

    • 😀 ❓ sorry I didn’t understand this well 😳

    • its probably because your watching at 7:00 a.m. look later.

  12. OMG!! I Never Knew This! Thanks Mayu!!!

    • Haha it also took me 2 years before I realised it xP 😆

  13. That is soooooooooo cute!

  14. Eh, no. Weather programs and other TV programs change hourly.

  15. Mayu, change your time to between 12: a.m. -3:00 a.m. and turn on your TV. you should either see colorful thick lines like you usually see in channels with no signals, or black & white dots blittering around like channels that are very VERY blurry and barely have signal. i figured that out during a friend’s sleepover. 🙂

    • Yes I’ve also seen that on TV, it’s really funny ^^

    • it also makes a really anoying (i cant spell, sorry) sound well all the colour come up at 12 (thats well it starts btw) just thought id mention that also can you tell me some of the faces please i know these —> 🙂 😀 😦

  16. i never knew there was a weather forecast thanks for the info

  17. Thats true?I never Knew!

  18. Hello.Have you noticed,that there is a crime series (or something like that) on tv,but i´m not sure i just saw it once.I think at 21.15 o´clock

  19. OMG here’s a really good site to show you TV schedual

  20. i saw something on tv once on animal crossing wild world that i thought was really disturbing

  21. me and my friend were finding out the weather forcast thingy on your blog when we were ment to be searching up abount earthquakes in science XD

    she told me about your site btw 😀

  22. Dear Cathy,

    I have seen that Ad on TV aswell, yes it was really disturbing:)
    but now i cannot remember what was on it, i used to haved to search on that earthquake thingy aswell:) ALSO HERE’S MY INFO:

    Name (in acww) Angel
    Town (in acww) Sunrise
    FC: ???

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