Posted by: Mayu | May 23, 2008

Did you know… (part 1: special furniture)

…that inside the pink box is a Gamecube with a controller?

…that the pics on the pinball machine is from the old Super Mario Bros. game?



  1. Oh, that’s cool! I never even realized that! =P

    • Me too! What’s your friend code and name? I’m Katrina andmy town is called Beach

  2. I got a pink box just the other day!
    I put it in my “cute” room with all my Lovely Furniture. 😀

  3. COOL (I´m from Czech)

  4. Hello Nina, nice to meet you 😉

  5. Hi guys. This question is to all of you, my nintendo ds lite wi-fi card is broken. Where do I get a replacement?? I REALLLLY wanna do WFC play

  6. Your Wifi card? Do you mean the Wifi-Connector? 😕 Or inside the DS your Wifi application?

  7. Thats cool Mayu! Thanks 4 that!

  8. how do you get them items

  9. it can be bought at Nook’s shop, no special furniture in this case 😉

  10. ant theyre any others:( aww i was so looking forward to seeing more…oh well

    • I haven’t noticed any other furniture with interesting things in it yet… 😦

  11. lol i knever noticed that either! cool Mayu!

  12. I have never noted this!
    and I play now already so long ACWW xD
    thats cool. thanks, mayu 🙂

    • It took me also over 1 year to realize that lol.

  13. Aw, I just sold my pink box… 😦

    • same >.<

  14. How did you notice that? 😯 Was it easily recognizable once you made that camera angle???????

    • Yes, once I was wondering what might be in all those cupboards and found the gamecube one lol. I was very surprised by that 😉

      • and the pinball?

        • Oh as I knew the cover of the old Nintendo game, it was quite easy for me 😉 I also grew up with the first Nintendo console.

          • LUUCKY!!! 😯 i’ve always wanted an NES! the thing i’ve got rite now that’s close to it is a NES controller bookbag i use in school… 😐

            • Ohh your bookbag sounds cool 😮
              And it wasn’t quite the NES but the Japanese version called Famicom ^^. We lived in Tokyo that time for a year and my brother and I were really happy when my dad came home with that! We loved it and still love Nintendo ~♥ 😉

              • lucky! … again…? doesnt famicom has uh… what was it…? nm. i forgot! 🙄 😛

  15. oh i never noticed that and iv been playin acww for 4
    or 5 years lol

    • oops i forgot 2 sign in

  16. seriously, i never knew that! xD i’m so getting a pink box. bye (:

  17. kool

  18. Hmmm…that’s what I thought was in the pink box!
    but I never did know that about the pinball machine! And would you by any chance know what on EARTH is in the blue box?

    • Haha I know, I’ve also tried to figure out what is in the blue box. It looks like a tape recorder to me, but I’m not sure lol.

  19. Is it the same for a blue box, also?

    • I think there is something different in it …..

  20. In the beige box, it’s a first aid kit, and in the blue…I have no clue XD

    The arcade machine has Mario and Luigi in Mortal Combat style =D

  21. that is so cool! :mr green:

  22. sorry i meant that is cool! :mr green:

  23. ooops i keep getting the smilies wrong sorry

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