Posted by: Mayu | August 27, 2010

Some pics of Rikku, Andre, Sabrina and Lynette♥

Hi folks,

I was able to play on Friday evening for a short time before I was too busy with my family again, so please bear with me that I only have a few pics to show you ;).

To my surprise my first visitors were only Germans, so it was really funny and kinda weird to talk with Miki in my mother tongue lol.

This is Rikku from Shibuya, you also know her as Marie from the blog ^^. Hii, welcome to Mitsukyo 😀

And another new friend came over: This cool guy is Andre from stadt. 8)
I liked his black/blue shirt a lot and he’s a very nice person. Same with Rikku 🙂

The German crew was completed with Sabrina lol! Nice to see you again! 🙂
And whoa, you’re so tanned, lucky you! 😀

In my spare hybrid area. Haha Rikku is wearing the beard, so funny 😆

Well, my not-funny-at-all visitor has come tonight again 👿

My next round was again with Rikku and Sabrina, but instead of Andre Lynette♥ came to my town. 🙂

Unfortunately I had to go offline very often and when I came back I just saw the blue screen of death (Wifi has crashed again) so I didn’t reopen as I was still busy. Sorry about the short gameplay, but I hope we’ll meet up very soon again 😉



  1. 🙂 you seem to have so much FUN!! I’m sorry that resseti ruined it for you all:(

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