Posted by: Mayu | August 27, 2010

Big help from Sorcha

Hi people who have all requested patterns from me.
To my surprise I had a wonderful help from Sorcha who designed a bunch of the pattern requests for you and they’re awesome!!! 😀

Please go to her blog to see the awesome patterns by clicking on this pic:

(Pics of patterns are from Sorcha’s blog)

These patterns are so far done by her:
Ashleigh: Treetop flag
blue99: Redwall♪ flag
Rainy: Suntop flag
Estefany: Hawaii flag
Lupe: Blue dress
Nick: Sun City flag
Kaili: Tane flag
Emily: Tealeaf flag

Thanks so much Sorcha for your big help, much appreciated!!! ^^



  1. Thankyou mayu, it was of no trouble!
    Hope I helped XD
    Sorry about the 1yr present again I will finish it 😉

    Love and hugs
    Sorcha xxx

    • You are such a great help Sorcha!! I still can’t find any time to do patterns atm 😦 xD

      • I really can’t do chara, but if I can steal your face positions I can edit the tops and maybe hair if I can its up to you XD

        • That’s what I also do all the time lately xD. The main charas are up here and I do just the customised changings to them 😉 Feel free to use them too Sorcha, I know you can do that 😀 And thanks again for your big help!!! *hugs*

          • No problem :)xxx

  2. Hey Mayu.
    I’m Larissa, maybe you remember me. I’m the German girl which played some months ago ACWW over WiFi with you. Yes but now….we have new internet, and I can’t get WEP anymore, so I have to say goodbye. I’m really sad, because it’s not the same to play alone.
    But I want to say thank you for everything, I really appreciate what you did for me.
    Maybe I’ll find a way to make my internet to WEP, and I hope then we’ll meet again.
    Love, Larissa ♥

    • Hey Larissa! It’s me, Sorcha, don’t know if you remember me!
      But I lost my WEP also, so you don’t have to leave XD

      Love and Hugs
      Sorcha xxxxx

      • Of course I remember you 😀
        I thought I need WEP to connect with WiFi, because now nothing works. I try to fix it, and maybe it’ll work ;D.

        • Yeah, you either need to change the routa (It’s easy I will do a walk through as I will do it on my own soon (when I can be bothered) and no, you do need wep, however you could either change your routa OR you could buy an adaptor (they cost lots but second hand ones are cheaper, just be careful who you buy it from 😉

          Love and Hugs,
          Sorcha xxxxx

          • Okay haha, I’ll wait for your walkthrough (:

            • I really need my wifi back, I will get it though as my sister has discovered Animal Crossing: Lets go to the city (She prefers it to Wild World 😉 ) And she wishes to connect with her friend Aileen.

              Suprise, suprise, even in the same circumstances, my sister gets what she wants.

              • Awww xP, kinda unfair! But maybe it’s because WPA is easier for you to install than WEP? 😉 I wish ACWW would also support WPA, a lot of people have got the same problems with WEP, that parents won’t allow it to use it instead of the safer WPA…

                • Yeah, Im bribing my sister to ask my parents XD

                  • They shouldn’t make the display bigger or put cameras in the back of the DS, they should take more care about Wifi haha ;D. My mother doesn’t really know much about computer and internet, so I could change into WEP, if I could logg me in on :s

    • Aww Larissa, thanks for visiting me again and of course I remember you! 😀 We had such a lot of fun x3!!
      Thanks for the good times and it would be nice to hear from you someday again.
      Good luck to you and let’s hope you’ll get WEP soon back again 😉

  3. I made the Redwall♪ flag so long ago i said you can come pick it up at my town but…well….its to late now…i posted it on icons and patterns so…

    • Now, chill out, it doesn’t matter. People prefer it if you put it on a web page to copy, Daniel 😉

  4. Mayu! ❤

    Omg! i haven't commented in AGES! 🙂 Sorry been super busy during the summer :L:L

    Btw i don't think i'll be coming back to Ac:ww TT-TT

    I've been knee-deep in school stuff & preparing for it! 😀

    But if i find the time i might just find my DS ^^

    I've been into art lately & I'm definitely going to draw you some fan art! Maybe not Ac:ww fan art, but presents from me to you (:

    If you'd like, are you on facebook? Or at least a chara proffile like Sorcha?

    I can add you on there if possibe! ❤

    Ttyl, your old friend ~ ♥Robyn [Candyyyy*]

    • Samee :/ Make sure yew keep talking on chat hun xxxxx

    • Hi Robyn/Candyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀 😀
      So good to hear from you again ^^
      As you have maybe read on my stickied post, I’m also very busy these days and can’t find the time to play ACWW that lot that I used to have months ago 😦

      And awww, thanks for thinking of giving me a fan art! 😀 I’m looking forward to it, but don’t push yourself too much, you’re very busy now as I can see 😉
      And sorry no, I don’t have a facebook account, it would be too much for me to join another social group like twitter lol.

      I wish you good luck and all happiness for the future, hope to read from you again,
      Mayu 🙂

  5. zomg! those are some awesome designs! i’ll never be able to make patterns like that. 😛

    • Hahaha! Thankyou 🙂

      I used to say the same apparently I’m really good, but I don’t see it XD

      • lol. i think the only thing i’m good at are bikinis. 😛

    • Thanks jachilynne for your comment ^^
      I’m glad that she’s so talented and help me with the pattern requests! 😀
      btw, I always wanted to know what the ‘z’ from ‘zomg’ means, can anyone help pls? xD

      • ooh… i got replied by the famous mayu! lol. you do patterns too, right?
        i actually do not know what the ‘z’ in ‘zomg’ means, but i use it a lot. i guess it’s the thing right now, to add ‘z’ in the beginning and end of words? weird. 😛

        • Haha, thats not happening where I live in England, but “Tres cool is”

          I thought about this trend ages ago, I called it frenglish.
          To me, all these people sound like twats XD

          • lol! some fads are really, really lame.

  6. heey with teh clothing and umbrella patterns you should get some models!!! I apply if you think its a good idea! (They supply the pics and make the pattern on theyre charas by them selves.)

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