Posted by: Mayu | August 26, 2010

Good number: 441, bad number: 91010!

First of all I always wanted to show you a pattern that I’ve got from Rory as a present. I’ve always forgot to mention it in the last posts, so I will do it now.
Look, what cute Miki pattern she has created:

Thanks so much Rory, it’s sooo cute and sorry for the late post about it 😉

Ok, let’s report about yesterday. Tamara was sooo kind and let me know that she’s got a great turnip price in her town! 😀

So soon I’ve emptied my bag and filled it only with turnips and went to her town Dorado:

Lynette♥ was also there (at the left) and Tamara looks so nice with her dark tan 😀 . Haha I had to leave a turnip on the ground to make a close-up view picture lol.

WOOOHOOO! 441 bells is a good turnip price! I love that! 😀 :mrgreen:

Well, you can see that you can earn a LOT of bells with 1500 turnips in your bag, yay!!

But the fun was a little spoiled with Wifi crashes. Soon after that I’ve seen this annoying scene:

BAH! Error code 91010 is an indication that Nintendo has got some problems with Wifi or are fixing something to it (I wish they would fix it completely!! No Wifi error codes anymore >.<!!). And it wasn't the only crash tonight, I think we had like 5 or 6 crashes that evening?? Kinda annoying when you try to sell all your turnips during that time xP. But Tamara was always patient with me and opened all the time her gates again. Thanks so much for your effort, Tamara! 😀 (You have to know that I've got always around 7 loads of turnips in my house, so selling takes a while 😛 😳 )

Another crash and this time I’ve met also Daniel in Dorado, hii! 😀

I tried to leave some bell bags for Tamara, before… Wifi crashed again, noo!

Next try I’ve found this weird Ninja in front of Nook xDD.

And Tamara is wearing the Dutch costume, which fits her PERFECTLY lol!
(as she’s Dutch in rl too 😉 )

Later there was also Jaimee from Ohio in Tammy’s town. Aww it’s nice to meet you!! 😀 I hope to see her very soon again, because unfortunately she had to go a few minutes later just when we met. 😦

After my turnip sell we went to Lynette’s town PokeLand and there was also a friend called GIO.

I couldn’t talk to him a lot, because Wifi continued to spoil our fun and I couldn’t get back to her town without a lot of error codes…

Resetti, I must admit….

Thanks SO MUCH for the great turnip deal, Tamara, although it was really difficult with all the Wifi crashes 😆 ! And hopefully I’m able to meet you all up very soon again, I had a lot of fun!! ^.^

Oh I have some extra pictures for you! Some weird moments with Lynette♥ xDD :

That’s the saddest flower emotion I’ve ever seen 😆

Lynette with ANIME eyes! 😮 So cute x3



  1. whoa me and lynette<3 have the SAME hair and eyes!!

    • Really! That’s cool^^ 😀

  2. Oh my days, that pic made me laugh XD

  3. Awww I luv the way my eyes look there, anime:3 !

  4. Hi Mayu So Nice To See The Blog! Your Very Amazing! Thanks For Having Me in Even if I Was in For 3 Min. Im Loving Your Blog and I’ll Read The Blog Every Day The Topics Are Awesome 🙂
    I Hope I See You So Soon Again!


    Also My Town Name is Ohio, Thanks 😀

    • Ahh thanks for visiting my blog Jaimee!
      Sorry about the wrong name I thought you were the Jaimee I’ve never met up before from my FC list 😉
      You’re very kind and it would be nice to meet you up again, last time we met in Tammy’s town I’ve added you to my roster ^^

      • Thanks Mayu Your So Nice and I Hope To See You Again Super Soon 😀


  5. wow! where did you get that yellow flower mayu? the yellow flower that you are holding in the second last photo. it looks different. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!! IT’S AN EMOTION! ok.

    • haha xD

  6. When punching a mole gives you good luck!!X3

  7. When punching a mole gives you good luck!!X3//And why does this say Ive alread said this…

    • Because you said it twice lol!
      No problem at all, sometimes commenting is really difficult here, it takes some time until it can be seen and so people often comment double because they think it hasn’t done yet 😉

      And yes, I also wish that punching Resetti would give me good luck xDD

  8. hahaha mayu xD me and lynette have the same eyes, no not anime just those normal brown ones.

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