Posted by: Mayu | August 24, 2010

Wha?? What an amazing Fanart, dear Erdbeere!!

I can’t believe it, I got another fanart as present!! 😮 Everytime I’m really surprised of it, especially when people I hardly know take such a great effort to draw me one.

This time Erdbeere showed me a wonderful painting of my chara Mayu and Tangy:

WHOA! It’s soooooooo pretty and everything looks like professional!! oO
I was especially happy about seeing Mayu and my selfdesigned shirt there and Tangy was one of my first neighbours so I really LOVE her! And both expressions are sooo cute!

You’re really talented dear Erdbeere, I really wish I would have half of your talent to draw. Can you maybe explain how you did it? Do you draw first by hand and then put it into a painting program? Or do you use a pen and tablet to draw directly on the computer? Anyway it’s really amazing!!

😀 THANKS SO MUCH for that wonderful present, dear Erdbeere!!!! 😀



  1. WOW! that is AMAZING!

  2. That is sooo cute!! Anime! Erdbeere has great talent for drawing ,And every single detail looks great! 😀

  3. Holy FRUITS, that’s awesome! Do you have a website, Erdbeere? I’d love to see more of your work!

  4. Woaa! That’s really good! o.o How did you do that? I love it! ^^ And anime eyes! Aww, so adorable! :3 Tangy looks super cute on there too! ‹з

  5. amazing!

  6. Wow…my friend made me a rosie one like that for me!


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