Posted by: Mayu | August 24, 2010

Meeting up my old friends: P!nk, ~Shania~ and Libby.x

What a great morning! I opened my gates with Miki and first nothing happened. But it’s no problem as I was working on my blog anyway but after around 30 minutes I got my first visitor there 😀

It was P!nk!! Awww it has been such a long time, great to see you again! 😀

We enjoyed visiting my neigbhours…

… and P!nk also got some of my spare hybrids. Haha my spare hybrid area was full! I even had to put some hybrids out of these areas, that’s what you get when you don’t play over Wifi for a couple of days 😛

P!nk looks so cute while she’s talking 😉

And we went fishing together! 8) Looking for some Jellyfish lol!

Tee hee, and horse mackerel!!

Then I saw a huge finned fish in the ocean! 😮

Woooot! An ocean sunfish! :mrgreen:

After a while I got another visitor: it was ~Shania~!!! 😀
Hiiii, I’m glad we finally met up again 🙂

Haha!! Frobert and P!nk had both the same bikini XDD 😆
Frobert seems proud of it 😛

And then another long time no see friend dropped by: Libby.x at the very right!! So much fun this morning! 😀

As all had a pony tail hairstyle I also decided to have one 😉

Then before I had to go we decided to pay Libby.x a visit in her town Rainbow.

She also has got a Vesta there, awww ~♥

Inside Libby.x’s house I’ve found this awesome beach room 😮

And also the cafe was really cool!

Libby and me enjoyed having the chocolate for tea, yummmm! 😛

Thanks soooo much for all the fun, dear old friends! 😀



  1. Aw looks like you guys had fun! 🙂 Cant wait to start playing again!!!! I’ve been fixing up my town for the past few weeks!

    • Whoops, sorry that Anonymous was me xP

      • Hii Julie!! 😀 Do you still have the same FC? 🙂 Would be so nice to meet you up again!

        • Hi Miki! Sorry for the late reply xP Uhm, I have you added but I’m not sure if you have the same FC as before. To be safe here it is;

          Name; Julie
          Town; Wildwood
          FC; 1291 0626 5757

          Yees! Hope to meet you! Hope you had a good summer! :mrgreen:

          • I’ve added you back, you really had another FC ^^

  2. Aww the last picture of you Mayu is really cute 😀 you look really cute in a ponytail ❤ I've just restarted in my town 😦 can we meet up sometimes?

    Name ~ Tess
    Town ~Treetop
    Fc ~ 4297 8098 9226

    • 2751 5639 9937 Daniel Stornway
      add me? i added you

  3. Okay, thanks Daniel 😀

  4. Cool i have an diesem Tag auch einen Mondfisch fishing! lol :xD:

  5. Thanks for the great time Miki, Shania and P!nk. I hope to meet up with you again soon! ❤

  6. x3

  7. These pictures are nice.

    • Thanks Lokomo ^^

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