Posted by: Mayu | August 24, 2010

Face-to-face on the toilet :P

Hooray, I’ve found some rare time to play also in my evening tonight! And I had a lot of fun with my newer ACWW friends! 😀

First I’ve seen Sabrina’s town Grömitz open so I went there to say hello ^^

Hi Sabrina! Nice to meet you finally ^^ . It’s great that your Wifi is working now 😀

She had a lot of lovely patterns in her town like this Yoshi flag 🙂

And she showed me this awesome cosmos garden next to her house

Another huge flower garden in the near of it, really beautiful!

Ohhh, what a great pool! I liked to see the fence around it and the palm trees in the cornes. Hopefully they’ll grow there and it’s not too far away from the beach 😀

After that Sabrina wanted to see my town too and my town was soon filled also by

Tat with the halo and Lynette♥ . Welcome you two to Mitsukyo again! 😀

Showing them also my hybrid area and they were really happy to fetch some ^^.

Then we all went to Lynette♥’s town PokeLand. Whoa! Such an awesome entrance. And you totally see by her patterns, that we’re in Pokeland. What a lot of cute tiles 😮 ^^

Her pond with cute little goldfish :3

And also her house looked like a house boat! Soo cool! 8)

Inside of the house Sabrina and I messed a lil’ around xD

And I laughed so hard about this scene!! It’s my first time I’ve seen two toilets facing to each other and when we both sit on them, you see us staring each other VERY close into the eyes XDDD 😆 😆

Soon Lynette♥ had to go and Sabrina and I met up in my town again ;). Here I was showing her my town.

And of course also the inside of my house ;). You would fit perfectly to my yellow room, Sabrina! :mrgreen:

I had a lot of fun with you girls! 😀 See you soon again! ^^



  1. Die Toilette 😀
    War echt coool gestern 🙂

  2. Hi Mayu that was a fun day! Oh you know in the bathroom the wall paper is quite diffrent to yours 😉 .
    That was one great day! 😀

    • Yes, the American version has got the Shoji screen while we have this dungeon wallpaper xP . It’s unfair that we can’t have the shoji version too!

  3. Thank you Mayu you’re always so nice 🙂 You make feel better everytime i see you^^

    • Nah, don’t worry about it anymore 😉 . When people are nice to me they can expect that I’m nice to them too, isn’t that normal? xD

  4. Come to chatroom pls

  5. omg i nearly died when i saw that pic rofl rofl rofl

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