Posted by: Mayu | August 23, 2010

Hooray for Meow, Nicola and fireworks with Unkochan

Yaay, I’ve found some time to play at least in my morning again x3!
And I opened my gates with Yuki, it has been soooo long when I played with her the last time.

On ACC I’ve also announced that my gates were open and soon my good old friend Meow came over for a visit, woot!:

Sooo nice to see you again, Meow!! 😀 WHACK! :mrgreen:
Of course she started with the Whack attack while I was greeting her :P. This was just my reply to it xD

We visited all neighbours. Anchovy has also been missing me for 2 weeks but he still is wearing Miki’s bikini 😆

Meow said that she has lost her tan while she was visiting a town in another season, that’s why she can’t wear her bikini now xP But the baby outfit is also really sweet, Meow ^^

Tee hee, she looks so cute when she’s jumping off the big chair xD

Then Meow wrote something on the bulletin board…

Lol?? I didn’t know it and had to look it up…
LOL! I didn’t expect such a meaning though XDDD 😆

Ahh right, it’s already jellyfish season XP. I like the pondering head of the jellyfish in my hand lol!

Meow got Miki’s bikini from my Ables shop and we both enjoy the last summer days 8)

A last whack attack before we had to go. Thanks so much for the fun Meow, it was great to meet you up again! 🙂

Later on in the afternoon, I left my gates open before, I’ve found Nicola in my town.

Hii, great to see you, too Nicola! 😀 She explored my town and then we decided to visit other towns.

When I visited Unkochan’s town home I was surprised to see

fireworks!! 😮

Aww she still has saturday evening here! I loved to see the fireworks because I always missed the fireworks in the last 3 weeks (as I’m too busy on weekends)!! Soo beautiful! 😀

And I enjoyed to enlight one Roman candle next to Unkochan, who was sleeping 😉 .

See you hopefully soon again!! ^^



  1. Cool ich liebee ♥ Feuerwerk! 😛

  2. wow mooned has…….a meaning………………

  3. EWWWW!!!thats groossss!mooned means…its way too gross!

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