Posted by: Mayu | August 19, 2010

New Fanart by Matt :D

Whoa, when I came back to my blog this morning I was surprised by another wonderful fanart of my blog readers 😀 .
This time I got a cool picture of my icon Mayuyuki 😮 from mattnortz:

Isn’t it awesome? 😀 The Japanese writings says from up to down ‘Mayuyuki’, the big two letters in Kanji, the 4 at the right in Hiragana (there are three different writing styles in Japan 😉 )

THANKS A LOT!! You made me really happy with this ^^



  1. Wow. Class.

  2. Wow that’s really awesome!

  3. Wow that looks soo nice I really love it! ^^ 😀

  4. :O^^ this must be a really talented person 😀

  5. So pretty! i love it!

  6. Wow…Thats really good!

  7. Awesome ❤

  8. hey guys thanks for the comments! more of my art is at

  9. @_@ that’s so cool! XP

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