Posted by: Mayu | August 12, 2010

Rory: ‘Please make the pattern more 3D-like’

Hello friends and visitors,
first I have to apology my long absence of my blog, but I’ve been extremely busy these days and still am 😦 .
School has started for my sons, a lot of things has to be settled about the new house and such more kept me away from playing with you >.< .
I just hope I'll find some time soon again, because I really miss to play ACWW and meet you up 😉 .
Ok… I still have one post to do about the 12th of August, it was my latest Wifi playing day (bah, already one week ago 😳 )and I want to show the pics to you ^^.

It was my last visit to St. Jimmy before Rory decided to start her town again, because she didn't like her town anymore with all the cheated flowers and stuff 😉 . So I went over to her town:

I got my tan back after I’ve lost it in Ryan’s town xD.

And I met Nick there, hi! Hahaha Rory, you look like a granny 😆

And another friend came, it’s Jamees, nice to meet you! 😀

Tee hee I like this pic of Nick 😉

*WHACK* I saw a butterfly in your hair, Rory, really!!! 😮 :mrgreen:

Rory asked for a favour: she wanted me to make this awesome pattern more 3d-like that it looks more like pebbles. I agreed to it and we went to Able sisters that I can fetch her pattern 😉 :

I really liked this pattern, it is also very neat as shirt 😀

So this is the pattern before I remade it…

… and this after. I also changed it a little in that way, that you can connect it with each other without seeing any frames, if you know what I mean xD.
The secret to do it more 3D like is just to imagine a light coming from a side which produces highlights and shadows on the things. In this case I imagined a light coming from upper left side, so all upper left sides of the pebbles I just draw with a brighter colour and the down right sides I used a darker colour for shadowing effects 😉

Here I was already back in her town and showed the pattern to Rory 😉 . She was very happy about it, and we used the same pattern for umbrellas to hide us like a camouflage xD.

Hopefully I’ll be back to ACWW very soon again and then I’ll work also on your patterns again, sorry that you have to be REALLY patient with me 😳 >.<
See ya soon! 😀



  1. Einen 3D Design wer cool!

  2. hiii Mayu!! i dont have muh coins left so ill be quick
    how are you?? I miss you!
    4 more days and im back 😎
    ❤ xx

    • Haha thanks I’m fine Rory, I hope you still enjoy your holidays, see you soon again 😉

  3. Hi, Ive not met you yet am I right?! It’s been like a GAZZILION years with my town open, but only these people turned up EVERYDAY: annie, Ralth, Suplor,
    Billyjo, hayley, Morri, Kitt-katty.

    p.s. i cannot add you as my mum said im not aloud to add random people:) even though I added molls.

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