Posted by: Mayu | August 6, 2010

Visiting my new friend: Ryan/Ace from Mirkwood

Finally I’ve met up a long time blog reader friend called Ryan from England. I know him since last December but this week he was finally able to play over Wifi, yay, hooray for that! Nice to meet you in ACWW ^^
I was puzzled first when I came over to his town because I looked different. Then I realised that I’ve lost ALL my tan from the past few days, as it’s October here in Mirkwood 😉 . Lol!

And his sister India from the town Mexico was also visiting him, how cool is that!

I liked his town Mirkwood a lot. He has a very cute self-designed flag and his town was covered with lots of interesting and pretty designs 😀

Awww, I look so bored on this pic, but it wasn’t at all. I gave Ryan an orange pansy as present and he was very happy about it 😉

Haha! It was fun having a net fight together xDD

Then I went to see his house…

Wow! A lot of things here, he recently started a new town and I think he saved all these precious items from the town before? 🙂

A cute pic of India 🙂 . Ryan and India are soo nice, they gave such a lot of presents, I was a little embarassed that I didn’t have much items to give in return with me 😳

Lol, Ryan guided me to his beach! Well, this area’s beach is really tiny xDD

Here you can see some of his nice patterns! I liked the street and the cross/foot-walk a lot! 😀

Then we decided to visit my town Mitsukyo after that ^^

I was showing them my little park when…

Becci came over, hiii! 😀

Lol, another present from Ryan was this bunny outfit xD. Aww thanks so much!

From left to right: me, India, Becci and Ryan/Ace. In the game he’s Ace but he likes to be called by his real name 😉

The girl left from me is Mona from Sunshine, another new player I’ve met today! Haha the town is full with my newest friends, woohoo! xD

Another wonderful netfight was our last action in my town, because then we decided to visit Mexico, India’s town, but read about that in my next post 😉



  1. I love the picture of your little park in this post! 🙂

  2. Haha! Love the cloud fight (;

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