Posted by: Mayu | August 6, 2010

Piano battle with Rory :P

My cute friend Rory came over for a visit again, woohoo! ^^

I felt like changing my hair again at Harriet.

You like it? Tee hee! 😛

We had a lot of fun together as you can see :mrgreen:

Then we started to show off our skills in piano.
I was playing my favourite composer Johann Sebastian Bach:

(source:, J.S. Bach, Musette in D major, BWV Anh. 126, pianist: Silva, M. da)

Then Rory shocked me with her super talent in playing the Bumble Bee song 👿 Grrrr! You won! 😛

(source:, Rimsky-Korsakov, The Flight of the Bumble Bee, pianist: Sung, H.)

Lucky her! She caught the banded dragonfly that easily within 5 seconds! xD
I remember when I had a friend called Ancsa who had a lot of problems to catch this bug as her town was full of flowers and she wasn’t able to run there. But luckily in the end she also had caught one in my town. ^^
Do you all have already caught this tricky fast dragonfly? 🙂

PS: Have also a look on Rory’s report about our meeting! 😀
A fun morning with Miki



  1. I haven’t caught it yet:( I nearly did but I fell in a pitfall 😦 lol ……(pitfalls are annoying)

    • Yes they are! xP
      You know how to get rid of them? Bury one pitfall out or pick one of Booker’s lost and found and dig it to a place where you exatly know that you won’t run over it for sure. Pick a corner of your town for example.
      Then you’ll never get new pitfalls again in your town until you or another one fell into the chosen one or dug it up 😉

      • thanx mayu, this will help with my pitfall problems xp

  2. Thanks for posting our meeting 😀
    And you won the piano battle! I played the piano so bad that you started cying 😛

    • No no, I cried because you played THAT beautiful! 😛

  3. every time it goes to tho ocean:{

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