Posted by: Mayu | August 6, 2010

Link, He Come to Sunshine – Mona’s Zeldatown

Whoooooooaaa! The visit to Mona was amazing!
I hope you all know the hero Link from the game ‘Zelda’?

Well Mona decorated her ACWW town to a complete Zelda-style one!!
Have a look:

Link was welcoming us when we came through the entrance! 😀

Patterns everywhere! Wow, Mona, you must have worked very hard for it and it looks awesome! It’s the first time I’m visiting a Zelda-themed town 😀

Haha I was really impressed! xD I can’t say it enough, your town is amazing!!

This was a cute area, it’s a chicken race track! 😀

And Ryan tried to stop these chickens to burgle that neighbour’s house xP 😆

On these flowers we can run as much as we want! 😛

Haha, what a weird picture full of suspense lines (or whatever it is called lol), Ryan asked us to go inside…

… just to have fun to block us out! xP 😆

Then I went offline to let Becci also visit this beautiful town, I had such a lot of fun, thanks a lot to Ryan, India, Mona, Becci and also Rory who came for a blink to my town before ;), it was a great afternoon! 😀

Oh btw, Mona also wrote about this day on her blog, please check:
Fun with Miki, India and Ace
Rain and Sunshine



  1. Yay my town! 😀

    Wirklich schöne Posts, alle drei! (Mir ist aufgefallen das wir beide fast immer an den gleichen Stellen Fotos gemacht haben XD)

    Es ist klasse meine Stadt so im “Rampenlicht” zu sehen, ist auch gleich eine gute Werbung^^

    Auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen, Mona~

    • Haha ich hab mich auch über deine Bilder von unserem Treffen gefreut xD. Und stimmt, wir haben die gleichen Sehenswürdigkeiten im Visier gehabt 😆
      Ich hoffe auch bis bald, diese Woche war leider nur sehr stressig für mich 😉

  2. Ah lol miki, you are so pale! xD
    claire has gotten SO tan! 😮

    • Yes I’ve lost my tan when I visited a town of a friend whose date was October lol!

  3. lol cute town ! I love the video at the top!!!!

  4. I once new a dude named Link! But then he just dissappeared and I never knew what ever became of him… 😕 I’m sure it wasn’t this Link that you met, lol!

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