Posted by: Mayu | August 6, 2010

India’s awesome hotel in Mexico

It was raining in Mexico…

… but we all (Mona, India, Ryan and me) took our umbrella’s and had a nice umbrella fashion show ^^
Can you guess who’s who? 😉

Then Ryan had an idea, he guided us to this spot where we have to run into each other, while he is digging holes around us. He wanted to squish us all together on one spot 😛

But it wasn’t easy at all 😆 ! This was our closest attempt to have 3 people together, the last hole to enclose us was too difficult to dig xP But it was great fun!! 😆

Then I also visited India’s house.

Which turned out to be a hotel! 😮 Wow! Awesome! This is the foyer 😀
When I asked for an open room she guided me to this lovely room:

*cough* As you can see everthing was there, neat! :mrgreen:

A laundry room has the hotel too! 😀

And this is the picnic area? ^^

The restaurant was my favourite room, yummy turnips as supper, myuuuuuumm

Then it was Mona’s turn to be visited (see next post), thanks for the fun in Mexico, India! 😀



  1. Thanks for writing about my town and hotel, Miki! I dont really like my hotel, but I’m glad that you enjoyed your stay! XD

    From India

    • Wow! That hotel is sooo cool! Can we connect some time India? Here’s my FC:
      Name: Hannah
      Town: Olinda
      FC: 2450-7243-3332
      Can you give me you FC? Sorry I got so excited, I just wanted to see your hotel because I’ve got a hotel too (it’s not 100 percent finished yet 😳 ) but I’d reeally like to see your’s!

      • can i go to India plz!!!

      • Sorry, I haven’t been on for a while. I will open my gate when I find my ACWW game card! ❤ (The heart is just random, epicly random!) 😀

  2. Hm…Mexico…Anchovy moved from ther 3 my town not long ago…

  3. Hey everyone. go to for my blog. if your on my roster, open your gates

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