Posted by: Mayu | August 6, 2010

An evening with Ryan, Becci, India and my new friend Lynette♥

In the evening I’ve found another spare time to meet up my friends, yay ^^

I was very happy to see Lynette♥, she’s also a new friend of me and because of our time difference it was quite difficult to meet up until now, but today we finally did it, that’s great! 😀

Soon my town was filled up with Ryan…

… and Becci! Haha lovely Hot Dog Dress! xD

Cheese! :mrgreen:

Lynette♥ has got such a nice tan ^^

All together before we headed over to Ryan’s town…

where we all were white again! Aww I feel sorry for Lynette♥ xP

Tee hee, we watered India to let her grow when she was offline! 😛

Sleepy characters are soo cute! x3

Then I had to go again… it was a superb ACWW day! 😀 Let’s meet up soon again ^^



  1. Hi mayu it’s me. I’ve got tabby in my town and I know u like him/her I think.

    • Awww, so nice!! Do you still don’t want to play over Wifi? 😛

      • lol mayu XD i am on often but not every night and day but i am willing to give you my details because sadly i killed my new town 😥 but im using a old backup which will be used for the rest of my acww life

        • Oh great that you’re back again 😉 . Can you leave your new (old) FC again pls? 😀

          • Yea I’ll give you it later or tomorrow

  2. Um… Mayu, if we meet sometime this week can you come over my town anytime will do because you’re busy and i understand that you have a busy scedule. If we do i hope to have fun!!
    -Lynette ❤ 😉

  3. Fidelty <- sorry if spelled wrong my info is in FC page ^^

    • Snoop/Erin when i Tried going to your town you were closing the gates but your name has a green circle ^^

  4. Oh, Ryan and India can you tell me when you’ll be playing *probablly you’ve been playing all week long* ;( If can plz reply~

    • hi Lynette renember me ?

      • Of course I remember you ^^ ! You were wearing the hot dog dress. You look nice in it!

        • ty btw i ve a blog 2 and ll post about u tomorrow =D

          • cool, and thx it was fun

  5. Mayu the first pic looks cute^^ and the froggy is staring at you @.@ !!

    • LOL! I didn’t see that! xD
      Haha cute 😉

  6. Hey mayu! Can we wifi sometime? I live in USA, so 7 hours behind you. Im good basically from 1pm ur time, to about as late as you want. I didnt get to wifi with you as much last time, and we can go to my town if you want! Thanks!

    • I live in the USA too!

    • Haha me too! 7 hours behind Mayu!!

  7. I live in the USA too but I don’t have any friends that have this game so I’ve never played over wifi before. 😛 But my cousin has this game and she lives in Japan so I hope to play with her someday! 🙂

    • Ohh that’s a nice idea! 😀
      I just hope your cousin has also got the English version and not the Japanese version, because English and Japanese can’t connect over Wifi at all 😉

  8. Mayuuu! I`m back from Walt Disney World! Our flight was cancelled, and we wouldn”t have made our connecting flight. THEN we came home to find an electrical storm took out our TV, Internet, and phone! I hope we can hang out on ACWW today! Are you going to open or do you wish to see McKinley?

    • Damn bad luck!!

    • Welcome back Lizzy! 😀 Oh my gosh you really had exciting days! 😮
      I just wish I was able to meet you up, sorry for having let you wait for me (bah, bad English lol!)

      • Mayu, trust me, your english is better than meine deutschlehrerin! Sie kommt aus Deutschland und wohnt im Bad Kissingen! Ich bin besser im Deutsch, na ja? Ich habe ein neuer Wifi router und meine ACWW wifi ist kaputt! I’m going to get to the bottom of it and fix my wifi!

        • Hi Lizzy ^^. Aww thanks for your kind words xD. I just know that my English is weird and complicated sometimes but I must admit, with help of all my English speaking ACWW friends I’ve learned a LOT!!! 😀 I’ve never spoken a better English than nowadays and I wish I had this experience during my school time, because I had such a bad grade in English lol!
          Und dein Deutsch hört sich prima an! 😀 Hope you’ll get fixed your Wifi very soon again 🙂

  9. könntest du mein pic in “ur fc” tauschen?
    am besten mit dem 3 bild danke im vorraus :mrgreen:

    • Ok mach ich 🙂

      • danke und ne schlechte nachricht ich hab pts ferlohren

  10. hi mayu its me I am back playing ACWW! I should be back wifing next friday saturday see you then hopefully.

    • Hey emsyjane! Its Sorcha from France! Remember me? I think I still have you added hahaha :Pxxx

      • hi yeh cant wait to get playing again. Dont worry I have not deleted u unless u hav got a new ds game. Was ur town always called france if not I would like ur new details.:)

    • Yay Emsyjane, so good to see you again! 😀
      But… I’m really busy these days and I can’t say when I’m able to play with you again 😦
      I just hope that we can meet up eventually, but it’s good to see you back to acww ^^

  11. Emsyjane!!! 😀
    it’s me lol, Claire from pixelpop! 😉 xD
    do you remember me? 🙂

    • Yep I remember u hi cant wait to wifi again long time no see. (lol)

  12. Ryan did u delete me? Plz dont its just that i hadnt seen u for 3 days and i wasnt to wifi with u!!!

    • Ryan reply plz!!

    • I meant want not wasnt

      • Heeeheee Never mind sorry u didnt delete me (:

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