Posted by: Mayu | August 2, 2010

Woohoo, I got two pressies from Rory and Laras

What a cool surprise when I checked my blog and twitter today. I got from Laras and from Rory a present.

This absolutely beautiful painting is from Laras, isn’t it lovely? 😀

Thanks so much for that, it will always remember me about the great fun we had in ACWW ^^. It’s a pity that you can’t play the game anymore, but I hope for a comeback someday 🙂

And Rory wanted to do me a favour in return for the Greenday pattern I pixeled for her, and she created a really cool collage:

Haha, soooo cute!! ~♥
Thanks a lot Rory, I like it a lot! 😀 I hope you don’t mind that I’ve made it a little brighter, that we can see the faces better 😉

Laras and Rory, you made my day today!! 😀 Thanks so much!! ^^



  1. Dear Miki/Mayu/Yuki/and 1 i can’t remember,

    This is gonna be a short post but I’ve quitted of wifi on acww. ONLY off wifi on acww and I thought that I should tell you that I had. But you will be forever in my memories and I will probably never forget u. I will miss u and all of my friends that I met over acww and if u check my blog at some point I might have a YouTube video with photos of the good old days but I can’t do it without u. I can’t do it without u because I want to use your pics for it and pls reply if I can or not. 😥

    ~Luke (character dead I restarted)/Sean

    P.S. This kinda turned into a long post because I get carried away. XD :XD:

    • Aww Luke I’ll miss you! But I hope you get bored soon and will be back on ACWW again! :mrgreen: You also left good memories of you in me and we really had a great time ^^. Thanks for your friendship so far and of course you can take some pics of our meetings to remember the good old days 😉 .

  2. If not YouTube it will be a slide show if I can.

  3. Thank you Mayu! I get to save a load of photo YAY

  4. Awwww…. I love the picture Laras drew!

  5. yeh, nice. I restarted to after GTR and SHELLY ruined my town called Ablesto

    ALSO, like luke I wanna recover my town first so im not Wi-fi-ing for a few weeks also my wii broke down so Im not doing City folk EVER AGAIN!

    dear, mayu/yuki/miki/???
    Sorry for THAT boring post time to get on with real life:)

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