Posted by: Mayu | July 28, 2010

Nata’s first and last trial of ACWW

Haha what an exciting evening I had tonight! Rory asked me to meet up her mother, she has convinced her to try at least once this game and she was hoping that she’ll like it xD. I felt honoured that she asked me to be her first ACWW Wifi friend and Rory and me both couldn’t wait for the moment we met up in her town Regen:

Hello! Nice to meet you Nata! 😀 I’ve met her with Yuki as she’s been used for my adult ACWW friends 😉 . Nata is the girl in front of me with the nice curled hair and next to us is Rory ^^

Lol! First Wifi lesson is whacking?!? 😆 I hope she wasn’t scared about it xP.

We also exchanged some presents. 🙂 Rory gave me this golden rose I have in mouth in return, thanks so much!

Then I visited Nata’s cute orange house.

Wow! The wallpapers look sooo tall in this small room 😮

Here you can see Nata’s wild side :mrgreen:

But… we couldn’t convince her about the great fun we have in ACWW 😉 .
Lol she soon said that it isn’t a game for her, said goodbye and went offline.
Well, we tried at least Rory xD! I think your mother is really really great that she even tried it once, most parents aren’t much interested in the games their kids are playing, so I really have to say you’ve got a real cool mother 😉
Nata, it was nice to chat and to play with you, also be proud of your wonderful daughter, it was also a very nice idea to get you involved into ACWW :D.

Nice to meet you and good bye,
Yuki/Mayu ♪

PS: I’ll be back into blogging on Monday, from tomorrow on until Sunday I’m almost not at home, so I also won’t be able to play ACWW. Sorry also that I can’t answer all your comments now, please have a little patience 😉



  1. Nata looks soo cute while she is sleeping 😉

  2. I sadly dont have much money now that my first dept is payed off

  3. My Mom said «see i told u!» when u said she was a coo mom xD

    • Haha 😆 she’s awesome 😉

  4. hahaha, cute story, guys 😀

  5. hehe wass für ein lustiger abend für euch ^^

  6. Hi Mayu!!!

    I know this is an odd comment but how do you change the little picture by the date and what your username and stuff is by?? i cannot figure it out for some odd reason….

    • Lol Emily, I think it’s my second or third answer for the same question you did lately xDD
      Ok, you just have to go to ”My Account” -“Edit Profile” and upload an avatar to the gravatar

      The username can’t be changed but you do some general settings either on your personal settings (‘My Dashboard’ – ‘Users’ – ‘Personal Settings’ ) or on your blog settings (‘My Dashboard’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘General’)

  7. OMG! How cute!

    I wish I could figure out how to get pics, oh well!

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