Posted by: Mayu | July 27, 2010

Happy birthday Jenny!!

Yay, I’ve found some time to play in the evening to meet up Jenny, who has got birthday today! 😀

But when I came through her gates, Meow was shocking me first!
😯 What a TINY bikini!!! 😯 hahahaha! 😆

So, this is the birthday girl Jenny! Hey Jenny! I want to take a pic of you!

Grrr, ok ok, let’s do our birthday whacking first XDD

A few seconds of taking a break. Happy birthday Jenny! 😀

LOL, the navel from frontside turned to a ‘butt crack’ from backside, hahaha, and thanks Meow for this new word, I really learn a lot of vocabularies from you 😛 :mrgreen:
Butt crack!! Butt crack!! 😆

I loved this room of Jenny’s house, such a lot of Gulliver’s items! 😀

Hee hee, you’ve got such a gentle look Jenny on this pic but…
the bikini of Meow doesn’t suit you very well xDD.

I had such a lot of fun, thanks for the great evening Jenny and Meow! 😀



  1. Oh my, that bikini is great!! I must get one! What a nice birthday party for Jenny!

  2. Hihin was für eine lustige Party 😀 :mrgreen:

  3. xD navel to butcrack XD

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