Posted by: Mayu | July 26, 2010

A few pics of today

Haha sorry I only have 4 photos to show you today, I was just too busy and maybe too lazy to take more 😉
So let’s see, they’re totally random and I played with Miki and Yuki that day:

Oh right, this is a cute pic of Rebecca and as I know now, my last picture of her with her old town, because she decided to have a new start on ACWW and is now Becci from Chelue 😉

Sean/Luke and Rory also came for a visit, but yes I remember now, I opened for a couple of minutes because Jia and me wanted to test if she’s able to come over, but she only got error codes and so did I when I tried to get to her town 😦 Awwww 😦
So this was not a real Wifi gameplay, just a try-out ;).

Well with Yuki I’ve also met Jenny for a short while, before she was busy again:

Hi Jenny, long time no see ^^

What do you say, tomorrow is your birthday? 😮 Then I’ve to visit you for sure! 😀 I hope I can come ^^

Thanks for reading, folks, that was all xP



  1. lol Mein Geburtstag war schon am 20. March xP

    • Hihi ich hab am 21. März 😉

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