Posted by: Mayu | July 22, 2010

Yay, Kelsae is a perfect town again

In the early morning I’ve promised to open my gates and I didn’t have to wait for long and

Vivien and Rory were already in Mitsukyo ^^. Good morning!

Haha Vivien visited Fatty Brenda, my ocean sunfish pet, she must love Vivien, because she’s caring much for her 😉

And Erin (with blue hair) fetched my normal flowers which I’ve collected for her as she’s still working very hard for her perfect town.

Katrina came to Mitsukyo and I asked her to tell me my fortune…
Hee hee, I love the crazy sound when she’s doing her ‘JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~’ 😛

She was talking about: ‘dirtiness’, ‘laziness’ and ‘dishonesty’… meeh!
😦 That doesn’t sound good!

And indeed Wifi crashed! >.< When I reopened my gates, Rory, Erin and Cupcake♪(Elo) were my next visitors 😉

But we soon decided to go to Erin’s town Kaelse, maybe we can help her getting her perfect town status back. She already had it some days before but it vanished again. Hey, your new bushes are looking good, Erin! 😀

Here you can see a long row of young trees. Such a lot of work. And every where in town you can find dozens of flowers, it’s really beautiful.

Just the upper left corner was still empty and I supposed that that was the reason why she lost her pts… maybe some flowers withered there.

Meanwhile Nici also came for a visit, yay!! Haven’t seen you for a long time! 🙂

And finally Erin did it! Kaelse is sheer lunancy, perfect!!
CONGRATULATIONS! Fingers crossed that it will be still perfect in the next 15 days ;).

After that I had to go, but at lunchtime I looked for an open gate and found her:

Hannah from Olinda! 😀 Awww you’re such a cute bunny x3.
Unfortunately I just came when she had to go, sorry that I couldn’t manage it to play earlier with you 😦
But I hope to see you on Sunday.

Another big fun today, thanks!!! 😀



  1. Aww cute town hope it stays in perfect condition 🙂

    • Thank’s Ryan I do hope it stays like that But its abit anoying because When Its not raining I have to Wat About 100 flowers but its all paid if in the end thank’s again


      • yay erin i hope your town stays perfect….. i know what you mean, i have over 100 flowers in my town and have to water them every day…. 😦 it kinda sucks but yeah its worth it

  2. Will you be on my buddy Roster fc is 189256611087 my name is Ellie And my town is catheven all lowercase letters on the town

    • Hey Ellie ill add you 🙂
      Town: TwinCity
      Name: Frosty
      FC: 4297-7359-2614

      • hi can you guys both add me plzz my name is anastasia town sunrise and fc36534676283

        • Sure Added 🙂

          • Your FC is wrong 😦
            And is there any capitals in your town and name??

            • Anastasia Sunrise and Fc is365343676283

  3. and i have no Action replay dont worry

  4. Ye the problem with perfect town status is that flowers bloom everywhere after awhile and u dont have anywhere to put them. 🙂 it happend to me before its anoying it somtimes makes ur pts disapeare.

    • I so anyoing i want to get a perfect town alot by thee why want to wifi my info Anastasia town:Sunrise and Fc: is365343676283

  5. I’ve always loved your town Erin,.. hope we can wifi again! 😀

  6. So sorry Mayu! On Sunday I was with my dad on a off-road advanced four-wheel-driving training course, by the time we got back it was 8:00pm! (we were driving ALL day! Starting from 6:30am!!!) I’m reeeally sorry I couldn’t make it!

    • Ok…I might’ve eggzagerated (I’m not quite sure how to spell it) a bit there.

    • No worries at all Hannah, I can understand it and I was also not punctually on. It looks like you had a lot of fun, sounds very exciting! 😀

      • Actually…it wasn’t too exciting. Sarah (my sister) & I brought our DS’s and we played on them ’till they went flat, we were also watching movies in the car but when one of the four-wheel-driving trainers hopped into the car we weren’t allowed to watch movies anymore. It was pretty boring…

        • Oh! xP Well if it’s just watching daddy driving without any other activities then it might be very boring indeed lol.
          Haha it’s a pity that we can’t play over Wifi while driving lol.

  7. Btw, can I use that pic of us?

    • Sure Hannah, all pictures related to you can be used by you without any question ;).

  8. cute, im doing an a acww picture swap, with my bff molly, im never
    buying turnips again, becuase i lost my profit last week ugh!!

    xxx Dollymix200

    p.s. im still working on my town’s entrance! haha xD

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