Posted by: Mayu | July 21, 2010

Benedict’s beautiful big belly

I’ve met Rory again in this afternoon, it was my first time I visit St.Jimmy again after she got seeded and had to restart her town.

Hii Rory! Wow your town is already back to beautiful again! 😮
She has some very good friends who helped her in decorating her town, it’s really awesome! 😀

Awww, she even got this wonderful heart decoration as a present. Nice!!

:mrgreen: Hi~♥ Nook!

Rory has got two chickens in her town. This is Benedict, and he looked for a shirt. As I had a gold armor suit with me I gave it to him. But he wasn’t happy at all. That’s what he said:
Benedict: ‘ I’m used to show my belly more.’ Huh?? oO

Benedict: ‘ I had to eat a ton of cakes, to get it that big! ‘ *facepalm*
Can you believe it? 😆 😆

Well, at least he was happy with my Sunset Top 😉

In return he gave me this afro wig! -.-‘ Yes Rory, I would be scared too whether there are fleas inside or not…

So I gave the thing to Rory as a present :P.

Later on this jumping girl came for a visit 😀

Maybe you already guessed it, it’s Miriam! 😉

Some minutes later and already tanned a lil’ more I’ve found this interesting beach section. It’s almost squared! 😉

Erin came for a quick visit, hi!

And this is my last pic of today, I had a lot of fun, girls! 😀



  1. Benedict came from my town, isn’t it? (or not?) Lol xD

    • Woah, bad english 😛

    • Oh I don’t remember, but maybe you’re right. The town he told me was familiar to me… 😉

      • Yes he came from your town xD

        • Yes, he was wearing my dress. Now i see xD

  2. mayu! go in the chat room! if youre donr commenting, that is.

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