Posted by: Mayu | July 20, 2010

Another day with Miki’s friends

Today I’ll show you some random pics I’ve taken today, I didn’t feel too good to take more pics because I’ve got a cold >.<.

When I opened my gates Frosty (at the very left), Cupcake♪ aka Elo and Luke came for a visit ^^.

Tee hee, the pic might not show it, but I really liked Luke’s blue squared pattern 🙂

LOL! Genji loves bikini’s too like my former neighbour Camofrog! 😛

A cute pic of Elo while she was offline ^^

Frosty and me caught both an ocean sunfish, woooot! :mrgreen:

And Peanut wanted a stupid seabass from me, well, that was EASILY done 😛

Later on I’ve visited Miriam from City, I’ve never been there before, so it was really exciting to see her town ^^

Ahh, now I can see the flag of City sharp and clear, Rory showed me the other day of it after she has created that. It’s soo nice!

This is Miriam’s house, a real fascinating individual room 🙂

I relaxed on the massage chair, have you ever noticed that the rolls at the back are moving up and down? But it looks like I don’t want to get touched by them xP. Indeed it must be hard work to sit like that with feet up in the sky… oO



  1. Hi Mayu!!! If you haven’t checked my site in a while, I’ve had to get a new AC:WW game. My old game was freezing and it kept on locking up my DS, another thing is that I’m yet to be able to get WI-FI because our network isn’t working with a WEP KEY anymore but only a WPA and my DS doesn’t support that. I’m sure to tell you when I’ve gotten it but not yet, I miss everybody that I played with a long time ago…. yesh… that was when I still had my old town……. Well, byes!!!!!! xD

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